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Feature in Focus: Certificate Management

Screenshot of Unqork's Certificate Management functionality

Unqork’s latest Certificate Management update aims to provide a more centralized management experience and removes repetitive manual tasks. 

Managing certificates within your Unqork environments just got easier! 

Previously, certificates within an environment had no identifying information exposed. If you needed to find metadata about those certificates, you had to go outside of Unqork. Certificates and services also had a 1:1 relationship. While the same certificate could be used across multiple services, establishing this association required manually applying the same certificate details to each individual service.

We realized this was tedious for Unqork users, so we created a Certificate Management feature that matches Unqork’s value props of centralization and automation. Now, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Centralized management: Simplify the management and administration of certificates by housing them in a single dashboard, with additional metadata and detail about individual certificates available in your Unqork environment

  • More data and context: Have visibility into labels, issue dates, statuses, and expiration dates, as well as contextual warnings when an expiration date of a given certificate is approaching 

  • Reduced re-entry: Associate a single certificate with multiple services through the flow of saving one new certificate


Introducing a more streamlined experience for managing certificates.

This new feature is bound to make Creators feel more in control of their certificates, no matter how many environments they have.