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Introducing Unqork's New Go-to-Market Product Team

Go to Market

Our new Go-to-Market Product Team adds the structure we need to continue scaling our offerings and allowing our customers to get applications to market faster than ever before. 

At Unqork, we believe in using no-code to simplify and streamline enterprise application development. Most organizations looking to implement digital solutions aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel—they just need a solid, well-built product that meets their needs and allows them to get to market faster. Our platform’s visual interface, drag-and-drop components, and intuitive workflows make it easier, quicker, and cheaper for our clients to build the applications of their dreams. 

Our enterprise-ready solutions take no-code development one step further to provide you with the pre-built elements and toolsets you need to rapidly develop robust applications in your industry. By expanding on essential use cases, Unqork can offer you products with 80% of the back-end configuration already finished. This means your team can roll out applications at unprecedented speed, leaving you free to focus on unlocking your competitive advantage.

We’ve had a lot of success with this approach so far, but there’s always room for growth and improvement—which is why we created the new Go-to-Market Product team. 

Meet the New Go-to-Market Product Team

The Business Product Development Team has always been focused on reusability and productization. But more recently, we saw an opportunity to kick things up a notch and optimize our templated offerings. Jane Tran, our Head of Solutions, notes that it’s all about reevaluating processes while we scale up. “As we grow,” Jane explained, “we’re looking introspectively, looking at our current portfolio, and looking at the pipeline coming through to see how we can help accelerate not only the delivery process, but the sales process as well.”

Over the years, we’ve found that many of our clients have asked for the same or similar builds within a given sector. For example, when it comes to digitizing the life insurance space, there will always be a need for automated business acquisition workflows, self-service underwriting, and digital end-to-end policy systems. Until recently, our Business Product Development team pursued reusability by productizing small snippets of functionality. Now, we’re exploring how we can provide end-to-end templated functionality with our Go-to-Market Product Team.

“As we grow, we’re looking introspectively, looking at our current portfolio, and looking at the pipeline coming through to see how we can help accelerate not only the delivery process, but the sales process as well.” — Jane Tran, Unqork's Head of Solutions

For small-to-mid-sized organizations, this means you’ll be able to use more of our products right out-of-the-box, with minimal customization on top. Larger enterprises can meet all of their specific project goals by adding 20%-to-40% customization. No matter the size of your business, you’ll be able to get new features to market faster than you ever thought possible. 

“We have one product that you can go to market within just two to three months,” said Jane, “and there’s another one that might take you around three weeks. Overall, you should see a 30% improvement in not only delivery time, but delivery costs.”

The GTM Product Team In Action 

This new team structure has helped us work more efficiently and take on several new projects that we’re excited to roll out across multiple industries. Keep an eye out for new ready-made products in:

  • Workforce Resilience: With a COVID-19 vaccine now available, people will hopefully return to worksites. We’re working on a Workforce Resilience and Risk Management solution that will help multinational companies keep track of different targets that must be met to reopen safely

  • Government Virtualization: Our GTM team is working on identifying faster and better ways to virtualize government services, with a particular emphasis on licensing. We’ve developed licensing solutions like Online Marriage Licenses in the past, but we’re looking to branch out to licensing in the aggregate. This means digitalizing licensing workflows for a variety of municipalities such as liquor licenses, driver’s licenses, and other government licenses that typically follow manual in-person processes. 

Watch this brief demonstration of our workforce resilience and risk management solution in action.

  • Life Origination: Our new life origination products will address the new business application process for the life insurance space. It will include agent views, end-user views, call center views, and cover everything new customers need to know to qualify for a life insurance policy. 

  • Wealth Onboarding: We’re also developing two new products that will help advisors servicing both high net worth and mass affluent individuals go through the new business acquisition process. It will include agent and customer views and integrate with your existing CRM, financial planning tools, custodian, and more to provide all of the functionality needed to seamlessly onboard clients and open new accounts. These products will anchor to a suite of services within both life insurance and wealth management for more comprehensive application offerings.

In 2021, we’re also planning to dig deeper into servicing and property and casualty insurance, as well as even more with wealth onboarding. “We’re always growing at Unqork,” Jane added, “and I would say the new Go-to-Market Product team is another inflection point of growth. Having more products, enabling more reusability, and making it easier for people to adopt Unqork is going to become increasingly important. The structure we’ve added with the Go-to-Market Product team is key in how we plan to scale.”

Join Us!

As you can probably tell, we’re excited about where the Go-to-Market Product team is headed—and we’re always looking for new talent that can help us level up. If you’re an open-minded learner and problem-solver with experience working in a product-driven company, we want to hear from you! Visit Unqork’s Careers page to learn more about open positions on the Go-to-Market Product team.