Creator Spotlight: Jane Tran

Jane Tran, no-code, Unqork

We caught up with Unqork’s Head of Solutions to learn more about her role and the path that led her to Unqork.


Q: What is your background?

Jane: I studied political science and economics at Syracuse University. It was a bit of a fluke as I originally was an English major. 

I joined JPMorgan as an intern and grew into a process-improvement and turnaround role across the entire bank focused on technology. I did that for a few years. I really enjoyed it and moved onto similar roles at Marsh and MetLife. 

How did you come across Unqork?

I met Gary [Hoberman, Unqork CEO and Founder] at MetLife, where I worked with the Chief of Staff for Global Technology and Operations. Gary and I worked well together on several projects. When I decided I was done with working at large companies, I quit. Gary told me not to get another full-time job. I wasn’t planning on it anyway, but within a few weeks, I got the call to join Unqork. 

Describe your role with Unqork today.

I run Solutions, which is responsible for finding the best ways to position our products and platform for our clients and Creators. In a pre-sales environment, that includes Sales Engineering who help prospects discover a potential use case. In a post-sales environment, that’s Solutions Architecture who assist clients with designing scalable solutions for their problems using no-code. Across pre- and post-sales, we have Business Product Development and Solutions Engineering who develop reusable tools to accelerate sales and delivery, and then there’s Enablement who shepherd creators across their learning journey with Unqork. 

What is the most interesting thing you are working on?

Our team is working on a number of complex challenges like designing applications that are going to be used by millions of users and process millions of transactions—in both consumer and institutional settings. This is exciting because our clients are pushing us—and our platform—to deal with increasingly complex use cases. 

Also, we're in the process of building-out our instructional design practice to really anchor the future of learning with Unqork. 

"The beauty of Unqork is it empowers people to do things they didn’t think they could do."

Did you ever think you would be building software products?

Not really. I fell into the role and continued to expand it as I saw different needs in the organization. The beauty of Unqork is it empowers people to do things they didn’t think they could do.

What is the biggest challenge of working at Unqork?

The biggest challenge is resourcing and time—there’s just so much demand.

What advice do you have to someone who isn’t technical, but still interested in building things?

I would start by just giving them the platform to play with. A lot of getting familiar is getting over the perception that it’s difficult to use. People who have the curiosity to explore can become very productive very quickly. 

In response to social-distancing measures caused by the pandemic, the city of New York partnered with Unqork to create a remote marriage license application hub.

Like many companies, Unqork has had to adapt to social distancing in response to the pandemic. How have you kept connected with your team?

Lots of Zoom meetings and Slack communications! Also, Unqork has done a great job of keeping people connected through weekly all-company meetings and other collaborative events.

How do you describe Unqork to friends from outside the company?

It's a canvas to build enterprise applications through a drag and drop interface.

What is the most fun thing about Unqork?

The people, it starts and ends with the people, we are all very outcome-oriented, we all work hard, but we also remember to joke and have fun too! My focus is on ensuring that Unqork remains an environment where everyone can succeed.

What is something about you that most people would not know?

I have a great memory. I may not remember your name, but I will remember something you told me years ago. 

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