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Avoid These Tech Stack Traps With No-Code

Computer microcircuits stacked on top of each other

Digital transformations are essential, but they can be tricky for many enterprises. Find out how no-code can help you avoid common tech stack traps as you go digital.

At Unqork, we like to say that “digital is a necessity, not an accessory.” Evolving customer demands, a new pace of business, and the need to break down barriers of scale all contributed to digital solutions defining modern business success in 2021. 

[D]igitally mature companies are better positioned to tap into the projected $100 trillion in economic value that digital transformation will generate by 2025.  

Worldwide spending on digital transformation—and the technologies that power them—is expected to reach $2.3 trillion by 2023, and the statistics indicate why that’s money well-spent. Digitally mature companies are three times more likely to report revenue growth above industry averages. What’s more, digitally mature companies are better positioned to tap into the projected $100 trillion in economic value that digital transformation will generate by 2025.  

It pays to be digitally savvy and adopt new tools needed to make the digital leap, but you can wind up causing more problems than you solve if you’re not careful. Here are three technology traps to avoid as you go digital for the first time:

Overlooking Security

You can outfit your enterprise with the latest digital technologies and transform how work gets done, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t have the right security protocols in place. Attacks against web applications have risen dramatically in the past few years, to the point where 9 out of every 10 web applications now have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. To make matters worse, the average total cost of a data breach today comes in at $8.64 million. 

Don’t forsake security measures in your rush to transform and get to market! Make sure all of your digital tools have enterprise-grade security and encryption features built-in. When you build with Unqork, you can rest assured that your web applications will be protected thanks to our robust security features.

Unqork’s platform protects your data in accordance with the strictest privacy standards and all of your data is fully encrypted. We use Amazon KMS to generate account keys for local at-rest encryption, as well as MongoDB Atlas and AWS RDS for further AES-256, 192-bit, and 128-bit encryption. For in-transit data, Unqork relies on Secure HTTPS, in tandem with industry-standard ciphers, protocols, and methods to ensure secure connections at all times. Plus, our cloud-agnostic single-tenant architecture guarantees your data doesn’t mingle with anyone else’s.

To further protect your applications from cybersecurity threats, we regularly assess security with quarterly penetration testing, vulnerability monitoring, in-house application review and testing, and much more. We also deploy patches to ensure your application stays up-to-date and bug-free. The best part is that the Unqork team takes care of all of this backend security work for you—thanks to our shared security model—so you can spend your time focusing on your digital transformation.

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Complex and unwieldy stacks

Did you know that the average enterprise uses 288 different SaaS apps? A common misconception is thinking that the key to going digital is to have an app for everything. Actually, it’s much more important to have high-quality, highly functional web apps strategically placed throughout operations. 

If you adopt too many applications too quickly, the vast majority of them will go unused—and sometimes you may end up with duplicate subscriptions. Not only does this waste money, but it also clutters up your tech stack and inhibits your enterprise’s agility. Instead, it’s best to regularly audit your tech stack and ensure each of your apps remains effective, valuable, and purposeful.

With Unqork, you can connect APIs and additional services to your web app without scripting, and without creating dependency chains. 

No-code integrations help you maximize your applications by creating a more streamlined stack. With Unqork, you can connect APIs and additional services to your web app without scripting, and without creating dependency chains. Applications built with no-code microservices are also modular and smaller than code-based applications. This makes them easier to build, deploy, and scale up or down depending on your needs. Also, microservices keep your tech stack from becoming too large to be functional. 

Data Silos

Data silos are another unfortunate byproduct of a large and complex tech stack. When too many departments have too many applications they each use for daily operations, it becomes harder to cross-reference data across teams and get a look at what’s really going on within the enterprise. Data silos hinder collaboration, reduce operational efficiency, compromise customer service, and can even cause financial losses.

CIOs and department heads want to provide team members with the digital technologies they need to succeed without reaching the point where a technology surplus makes cross-team collaboration more difficult. Unqork’s no-code platform makes it easier to break down silos in your enterprise and ensure the free flow of data.

Our no-code integrations don’t require any scripting and you can easily add in APIs to boost your application’s functionality. Data can flow more freely throughout your application now that you’ve created a more unified ecosystem, making it faster and easier to find what you need. Also, Unqork’s schema-free database, powered by MongoDB, allows your tech team to enter data in the manner most beneficial for your enterprise, which eliminates time-consuming data normalization and streamlines data extraction. With an enterprise-grade no-code platform, data silos are things of the past.

Digital transformation the no-code way

In a digital age, the technologies you use can make or break your business. When tech stacks become too bloated, too siloed, and too vulnerable to external security threats, it’s much harder to get your digital transformation initiatives off the ground. Unqork’s no-code is the best way to digitize operations as quickly, securely, and efficiently as possible, and it’s also the best way to ensure you don’t fall into common tech stack traps.

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