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Unqork’s Business Licensing & Permitting Solution

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Unqork’s Business Licensing & Permitting provides a seamless and intuitive experience that will get businesses reopened faster, and licensed professionals back in the field. 

Just over a year ago, local and state government agencies were scrambling to address the devastating economic impact that COVID-19 was having (and would continue to have) on local businesses. Now as the US exits the pandemic and associated shut downs, we are seeing state and local leaders wanting to expedite and accelerate business reopenings, virtual licensing and permitting services to re-engage and reopen. As a former commissioner of economic development and having spent decades in the field, I know first hand how hard it is for businesses to create jobs and continue to make investments in a transitioning economy. With what appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel, businesses and residents need the support of agencies that have been overwhelmed with requests to help businesses reopen and provide virtual licensing services for residents—all while enhancing existing services. This is a challenging task considering the thousands of businesses that need financial help all over the country.

While we fully expect to return to a more typical approach to procurement and technology projects, residents and businesses have seen government deliver emergency assistance at scale and government can also deliver completely new services—accessible from multiple devices with integration to the native capabilities of a smartphone for geo-location, document upload, etc.

Something that we are currently focused on at Unqork, stemming from our efforts to deliver housing assistance solutions across the country and the complex marriage licensing process in New York City, is business and professional licensing and permitting.

Businesses and professionals who may have been closed or not able to work for the better part of the pandemic are already looking to get back to business. There is a very real possibility that, much like shortages in many other areas of the economy, there could be a huge backlog in renewing or applying for those licenses. The impact of needing to wait another 8-12 weeks could be devastating.

In response, Unqork is optimizing state and local government efforts to ensure that backlogs are addressed and that businesses can focus on growth. 

Accelerate Business Growth

Unqork’s Business Licensing & Permitting solution enables local and state governments to effectively support business growth. Using this suite of no-code application building tools, agencies can provide applicants with an accessible, easy-to-use process and offer regulators predictable workflows that maximize their efforts and resources.

Unqork can help cities and states virtualize and streamline business licensing and permitting processes across departments, ultimately reducing time to issuance while eliminating the need for in-person service. This one-stop-shop solution provides seamless integration into modern technologies and disparate legacy systems, breaking down silos and enabling smooth exchanges between agencies and functions.

These tools were designed with the public sector’s needs for customization and scalability in mind, providing the following benefits:

  1. Give applicants an accessible, easy-to-use process

  2. Provide regulators a predictable, organized workflow with smart tools to maximize their efforts whether in the office or remote

  3. Leverage a no-code application platform for each jurisdiction to quickly customize the solution to their specific legal or operational requirements without the need for expensive engineering resources

  4. Deliver an end-to-end experience in a few weeks instead of months, or even years

Now that residents are seeing some form of normalcy, local and state governments are under immense pressure to revitalize community businesses. And as businesses return to more normal modes of operation, backlogs in license application or renewal processes are a threat to a healthy economic recovery.

I am proud to say that Unqork’s Business Licensing & Permitting Solution is helping revive these businesses and helping them get back to normal, faster. 

Learn more about how Unqork’s Business Licensing & Permitting solution can be leveraged in your state or local government, and schedule a personalized demonstration with one of our in-house experts. Also, sign up for the Unqork newsletter and stay tuned into the latest no-code developments.

About the Author

Theresa Ward is the Head of State and Local at Unqork. Theresa was formerly Deputy County Executive and Commissioner of Suffolk County Department of Economic Development & Planning in New York.

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