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The No-Code Business Case for Developers

Developer standing next to Unqork Create logo

Want to be 3x more productive… without sacrificing quality? These sessions at Unqork Create 2021 (Oct 12–14) will demonstrate how no-code makes your job easier.

Software engineers, programmers, and developers have a lot on their plate. 

They are responsible for building new applications that will satisfy business needs, particular those of customers and external stakeholders. As the ones writing code and seeing it run in production, all their output goes into application building and maintenance.

Unfortunately, there are many problems that they need to address across the various projects they are responsible for:

  • Spending the majority of time on non-value-added work—squashing bugs and managing repeatable coding tasks

  • Disparate software due to not building within a unified ecosystem

  • Dissatisfaction due to a lack of creativity and complex problem solving (the reason they probably became interested in coding in the first place) 

  • Friction between “great ideas” and the technology solutions they are saddled with

All these problems have something in common: code, and the legacy systems that support them.

The biggest limits on your organization’s future are all the things you’ve built in the past. At Unqork Create 2021 (Oct 12–14)—a virtual event packed with actionable insights, workshops, hands-on labs, and customer stories—you will learn how to mitigate or otherwise solve these issues with no-code.

Unqork Create session highlights

We have a dedicated track for engineers and developers to help you overcome the pain points listed above. Here are a few topics on the agenda we are excited about.


Develop & Drive Business Strategies Using No-Code

10:30AM-11AM ET, Wednesday October 13

Shashank Raj, Business Analyst—KPMG

Shashank Raj, consultant at KPMG and Unqork subject matter expert (SME), will demo how to build application portals for insurance and business operations management using the Unqork no-code platform. Learn how no-code makes it easy to interact with clients and drive business strategies.

Takeaway: Focus on building solutions for complex problems, rather than administrative tasks.


Designer 101: An Introduction to Enterprise Visual Programming with Unqork

11AM-11:30AM ET, Wednesday October 13

Ishan Sengupta, Product Director—Unqork & Jordan Maneval, Director of Sales Engineering—Unqork

Unqork Designer empowers Creators (what we call developers) to build enterprise-grade software in a completely visual UI. Watch an overview of how Designer allows you to drag-and-drop configurable application elements representing user-facing elements, back-end logic, and integrations with legacy systems and third-party services—all without writing a single line of code.

Takeaway: No-code doesn’t replace coders—it makes their job more valuable.


Creating Powerful Workflows With Parallel Execution

10AM-10:30AM ET, Thursday October 14

Jo Zeng, Product Manager—Unqork

With the launch of Parallel Execution, Creators can now create workflows where more than one user can be active on the application at once concurrently. 

Takeaway: Accelerate your builds by automating even more logic into your application with this feature.


If these sessions sound exciting to you, don’t wait! Click here to register for your free virtual pass now. 

P.S. While anyone who signs up will get access to the on-demand recordings after the event, live session attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to subject matter experts.