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Streamlining HR Processes With No-Code

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With no-code software, you can automate repetitive and costly HR processes for faster, easier, and more streamlined enterprise operations.  

The human resources department is integral to any enterprise’s success. From hiring new talent, handling employee requests, and making sure everyone gets paid on time, HR keeps a company humming. Unfortunately, many HR departments don’t operate as efficiently as they could. By nature, HR is incredibly paper-based—tax forms, onboarding docs, employee complaints, and more paperwork all must be signed and passed between multiple people. 

HR swivel chair operations eat up valuable time and are notoriously error-prone, but many professionals just accept it as part of the job. According to a CareerBuilder survey, HR managers lose 14 hours of productivity a week by manually completing tasks that could be automated—and more than 25% waste 20 hours or more! Plus, 47% of companies use HR software that’s over seven years old, which makes everything take even longer.

From a financial standpoint, there’s also no advantage to maintaining HR’s paper-based processes. The average enterprise spends $20 to file a document, $120 to search for a lost document, and $220 to recreate the lost document. Considering core HR processes like employee file management and onboarding are 53% and 48% paper-based respectively, these costs can quickly pile up. With no-code and human resources process automation, there’s a better way.

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No-code software and HR: A perfect match

Thankfully, more enterprises are using HR process automation to eliminate manual processes and increase efficiency. Strategic HR process automation helps HR professionals automate the most tedious and repetitive tasks in order to focus on value-adding operations. Other key benefits of HR automation include:

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Increased operational efficiency 

  • Reduced storage and printing costs

  • Fewer data entry errors

HR process automation overall is good, but no-code can make it better. No-code allows anyone of any skill level to create sophisticated applications without writing a single line of code. Instead, Creators can use templated workflows, drag-and-drop components, and visual UI to bring their ideas to life.

No-code’s learning curve is very low—many new Creators compare building with no-code to using an Excel spreadsheet, which HR professionals know quite well.

There are many reasons why no-code is perfect for the HR department. No-code’s learning curve is very low—many new Creators compare building with no-code to using an Excel spreadsheet, which HR professionals know quite well. Also, no-code is the fastest, easiest way to digitize and streamline the numerous paper-based processes that make up daily HR operations. 

Since HR departments are accustomed to doing more with less, they also need a software solution that can help them maximize their budgets. On the Unqork platform, you can build high-quality applications for three times less than the total cost of ownership of a code-based application. And Unqork will take care of all the back-end, so you don’t have to sacrifice security or compliance.

3 HR processes to automate today

We recommend automating these three standard HR processes with no-code to help reduce costs, boost operational efficiency, and maximize your time and effort.

With Unqork, you don’t need to be an engineer to build workflows for your application.

1. Onboarding

With no-code, you can easily create a workflow that populates multiple forms with the same personal information—like name, address, and Social Security number—so you don’t have to enter it manually. Not only does automating this process reduce the chance of data loss and manual errors, but it also helps keep your employee information up-to-date. Plus, onboarding applications are one of our specialties at Unqork!

2. Time tracking

To track time effectively, you need instant access to clock-in and clock-out times as well as attendance records. The best way to track time—without chasing after employees and reminding them to manually edit and submit their timesheets—is to spin up a simple automated timesheet application. This helps you easily track and manage employee timesheets, which also makes payroll simpler and quicker.

3. Tax filing

Tax time is always a pain, but a no-code application can help HR professionals collect income tax saving declarations from employees. This can help you accurately calculate deductions for payroll processing. Also, you can set the application to automatically account for changes in address, which is crucial now that many employees work remotely and have moved around during the post-pandemic era.

As a bonus, you can make all these processes accessible via a self-service portal. On the Unqork platform, you can use no-code to rapidly build and deploy a digital self-service portal that provides easy access to information and services. By giving employees the ability to remotely retrieve their own information and complete high-volume tasks from anywhere, HR professionals can spend less time chasing down documents and more time on strategic objectives.

Along with streamlined data retrieval, the Unqork self-service portal leverages proactive omnichannel alerts. These alerts can notify employees when they need to complete an action, submit a form, or sign a document so nothing falls through the cracks. You can also easily integrate the Unqork self-service portal with external third-party systems for additional functionality. Through our powerful no-code capabilities, HR professionals can simplify operations and expedite more processes faster than ever before.

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