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In the Media: Unqork Marketplace Coverage in Morning Brew

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The Morning Brew covered the Unqork Marketplace’s debut.

Unqork just launched the world’s first no-code marketplace, which you can read about in more detail on the Morning Brew's website. The Unqork Marketplace “features a smorgasbord of no-code apps, consultancy services, and integrations with third-party tools.” 

This will enable developers to build software faster than ever before in Unqork with an in-platform menu of third-party, best-of-breed technologies. Through an intuitive, self-service interface, users can browse through an extensive library of no-code assets, select the ones they want to use, and add them to their Unqork environment—with just a few clicks.

Unqork’s Founder and CEO Gary Hoberman spoke to Morning Brew about how tech infrastructure has come a long way, and that even low-code offerings are still generating dreaded lines of code (which Gary seeks to eliminate from enterprise software development forever).

“Another area where Hoberman draws a line between Unqork and competitors is the platform’s insistence on involving zero coding for end users … Unqork hopes to stand out by stressing the true ‘no’ code nature of its processes and workflows.”

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