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Future-Proof Business Incorporation & UCC Filings With Unqork

Business Incorporation and UCC Filings

Unqork empowers local agencies to streamline and optimize business incorporation & UCC Filing processes to overcome today's challenges—and prepare for tomorrow's

As the economy continues to recover, local governments are being inundated with applications for new business licenses—as well as a backlog of expiring ones.

Unqork’s no-code application platform enables government agencies to streamline business incorporation & UCC filing processes by instilling a high level of automation; delivering a modern, intuitive applicant journey; and integrating multiple payment options. These features reduce time-to-issuance and accelerate economic activity.

Historically, business incorporation & UCC filing has been a very manual process, so much so that it can threaten to push back a business’ opening date. Local businesses are the heartbeat of economic development, so it’s imperative that this process is as efficient and seamless as possible. 

Local businesses are the heartbeat of economic development, so it’s imperative that this process is as efficient and seamless as possible. 

Like many other public service offerings that were in-person and required human-in-the-loop intervention, this process was heavily impacted by COVID-19. Now that cities and states are beginning to re-open fully, it’s even more critical that there is a process in place that automates and future-proofs adoption as additional requirements emerge. 

With Unqork’s Business Incorporation & UCC Filing tools, state officials are able to provide applicants with an accessible, easy-to-use filing process—so easy-to-use that it can be completed on a mobile device. These tools offer regulators predictable, organized workflows with smart tools to maximize efforts and prioritize resources.

Developed using Unqork’s no-code application platform, Business Incorporation & UCC Filing tools allow local communities to achieve the following benefits:

  • Accelerated time-to-issuance: Virtualize and optimize resident & business services with a mobile applicant questionnaire that quickly determines requirements and bulk filing capabilities for attorneys & authorized third parties

  • Streamlined system integrations: Auto-aggregate and pre-populate required applicant documents with available data, and easily integrate these tools into legacy systems with no disruption or downtime

  • Future-proofed processes: Stop generating legacy code and reduce bugs. Empower technology teams to integrate with the latest technologies or make updates to existing workflows without fear; even as technologies and legal requirements change, the applications built within Unqork will always work.

  • Embedded logic & security protocols: Flag potential fraudulent cases, prevent duplicate filings, and route to an examiner as required

  • Improved workflows: Improve & centralize registration, management, and reporting. Facilitate retrieval of previous filings. Alert applicants & reviewers of errors, missing items, and deadlines with performance dashboards and automated emails. 

At Unqork, we understand the level of urgency to get businesses back up and running, but COVID has exposed many operational deficiencies in the public sector. Unqork is helping iron out these deficiencies and bottlenecks with no-code capabilities that help you build public-facing applications faster, automate previously manual processes, and reduce time-to-issuance.

A variety of agencies are already powering complex digital applications with Unqork including the cities of New York, Chicago, San Jose, and Washington, DC; large counties in California, Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, New Jersey, and Indiana; and the state of Iowa. 

Looking to create flexible digital solutions that provide efficient services to the private sector and grow your local economy? Schedule a personalized demonstration with one of our in-house experts. Also, sign up for the Unqork newsletter and stay tuned into the latest no-code developments.

About the Author

Theresa Ward is the Head of State and Local at Unqork. Theresa was formerly Deputy County Executive and Commissioner of Suffolk County Department of Economic Development & Planning in New York.

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