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Creator Spotlight: Paba Liyanage

Paba Liyanage

Paba Liyanage discusses the career path that led her to Unqork’s Implementation team and what she likes best about working with the platform. 


Tell us about your background.

Paba: I started off my IT career with Virtusa a little over a decade ago in Sri Lanka. I saw first-hand how we overcame business problems using software.

Working at Virtusa molded my IT skills and helped me to develop my way of thinking on software architecting. I learned the importance of bringing a certain level of perfection and cleanliness to design and implementation. My approach is: Design it right, so the solution can be implemented right—but this is often easier said than done always, especially when dealing with code. 

That job eventually brought me from the island paradise of Sri Lanka to NYC, and eventually to Unqork. I’m proud to be part of this dynamic and talented team. 

Describe your role with Unqork.

I’m on the Implementation team, which means I actively use the platform to design and implement software solutions for various business domains. Currently, I’m working on building a workflow solution for a wealth and investment management client. 

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What is your favorite thing about working with the Unqork platform? 

Unqork is easy to learn one component at a time. The building blocks are simple, and there are often multiple ways to solve the same problem, which I like a lot. That provides room for creativity and adds a uniqueness to every implementation. There are no hard-defined set of rules to follow, which in my experience, leads to design limitations. Unqork is a creative environment where the focus is on finding the best solution for our clients.

How would you describe the culture at Unqork?

Working at Unqork is inspiring, everyone is collaborative and helpful. The team I work with is very creative, innovative, and friendly. It is a very active community with everyone helping each other. It’s an amazing place to work.

"The team I work with is very creative, innovative, and friendly. It is a very active community with everyone helping each other. It’s an amazing place to work."

Like many companies, Unqork has had to adapt to a remote workforce in response to the pandemic. How has it been working remotely?

Like everyone else, it took a little bit of time for me to adjust to the rhythm of working from home. What I miss the most is being around all the knowledge that flows around the Unqork office—there’s something to learn every day. Knowledge is still shared, but now it's on places like Stack Overflow or other virtual venues. I do miss working at the Unqork office and the time with the crew! Working from home isn't a new experience for me, but staying indoors the whole day can be a bit overwhelming!

How would you describe the Unqork platform to your friends and family?

It's a platform that encourages people to build a solution that anyone can understand regardless of whether or not you are of technical background. The building blocks in Unqork are simple and easy to follow, so the business process can be configured in a workflow, which provides a clear picture of how the final application will work. If you know what you want to achieve, you can build it in Unqork without a lot of programming or coding knowledge. All you need is the ability to think systematically. 

What would your colleagues be surprised to learn about you.?

I am a person who changes-up hobbies frequently. I used to be a gamer...I enjoyed playing multiplayer online games. Dota 2 is one of my favorites. Now I have moved onto learning acoustic guitar and embroidery. I like songwriting and adding a nice rhythm to it using my acoustic guitar.