7 Questions to Determine if Your Enterprise is Ready for No-Code Platform

Use this worksheet to determine if your company is ready for an enterprise no-code platform. Answer each question on a scale from 1=strongly disagree to 5=strongly agree.

  1. Growth objectives: Our company’s top priorities include things like differentiating customer experience and getting products to market faster.

  2. Margin improvement: Our company is attempting to reduce technology costs and footprint, improve operational efficiency, and reduce our dependence on paper-based processes.

  3. Existing project backlog: Our company has an existing queue of IT projects waiting to be started, many of these projects are very important to the business.

  4. Project delays: Many of our recent application development projects have missed deadlines, requirements, or had to be significantly rescoped.

  5. Requirements: When we do launch applications, my company has typically has to significantly scale back business requirements to deliver on time.

  6. Time to market: My company is working on getting new ideas to market faster, including rounds of testing and iterations after launching an application.

  7. IT recruitment and turnover: Highly skilled engineers at my company spend time on fairly mundane tasks.

If you scored a combined total of 25 or higher, it’s probably worth looking into whether no-code can help your customer software development process. If you scored less than 25, congratulations! 

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