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What’s New in Unqork 2021.12


The release of 2021.12 was done to provide Unqork Creators with reliability, platform extensibility, and (more) ease of use. Watch our monthly release webinar to learn more.

Monitoring & Reliability: Real User Monitoring

We added support for Datadog Real User Monitoring (RUM), making it easier than ever to get in-depth front-end insights into product usage and end-user behavior. Datadog RUM lets you see how your application is performing in your end-user’s browser, including the ability to understand exactly what errors they’re seeing.

Now customers using Datadog can send front-end session data to their Datadog accounts. Alternatively, customers can also send session data to Unqork. By sharing this front-end session data, Unqork gathers data-driven insights on how to improve the platform, as well as how to resolve hard-to-reproduce errors.

Platform Extensibility: Insurance Integrations

This release brings new insurance-related integrations to the Unqork Marketplace.

  • Carpe Data Business Information: Carpe Data’s Minerva product provides risk insights that help insurers make informed decisions. An algorithm gathers information from across the web, providing up-to-date risk factors and indexes.

  • CoreLogic Generate CLIP ID: CoreLogic provides up-to-date property information. This integration template assigns all addresses a unique CoreLogic Integrated Property Number (CLIP) ID. From there, you can access a wide range of information about a location.

  • CoreLogic Get Building Info: This template uses a building’s unique CLIP ID so you can retrieve a wide range of information about residential and commercial properties.

Learnability + Ease of Use: Snippets

Performing the same action one at a time isn’t efficient. That’s why we added three new loop snippets to the Marketplace, each providing you the configuration to perform a looping command.

  • For Loop Snippet: Processes data based on the number of data rows

  • While Loop Snippet: Processes data based on a data condition, confirming the condition is true before running the action

  • Do While Loop Snippet: Processes data based on a data condition, confirming the condition is true after running the action

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