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Unqork Create 2022 | Building a Foundation: Innovation Born from Technology

This panel of industry leaders from AWS, State Street, BlackRock, and JPMorgan Chase discussed how enterprises use CaaS to drive collaboration between tech teams and lines of business.

Great innovation is built on a foundation of the right tech. This panel of industry leaders discussed how enterprises use tech to drive collaboration between tech teams and lines of business. Panelists discussed the unique approaches they have taken within their organizations, including how to “build from the center” and the creation of Centers of Excellence. Hear from: 

  • Chris Casey, General Manager for Industry Software and Data Alliances, AWS
  • Susan Rousseau, Senior Vice President of Enlighten Partnership Management, State Street
  • Gary Bigley, Global Head of Process Automation Center of Excellence, BlackRock
  • John Napoli, Head of CTO & CDO Strategy, Governance, and Execution, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

State Street: Moving faster with codeless

With more than $3 trillion under management, State Street was looking for a way to innovate more quickly, while also minimizing costs.

“Unqork really helped us out tremendously,” said Rousseau. Not only did Unqork’s codeless platform accelerate development, it also helped build a scalable way to go even faster going forward. 

Unqork helped provide “reusable frameworks that we could build upon for other similar business challenges that we had,” she said.

JPMorgan Chase: Tackling thousands of manual processes with a federated approach

JPMorgan Chase is very large, very complex organization—and one that handles complex, high-stakes transactions. Yet the company was still handling thousands of processes manually, according to Napoli. And his organization knew that enterprise software providers could never be able to cover all those use cases. 

“What we’ve done is build federated model,” explained Napoli. “Within each of the lines of business and each of the corporate functions, we have teams that help. They are citizen development, power users, and they are getting stuff done, automating process, and they don’t have to necessarily rely on their enterprise technology completely to do so.” 

A COE for solid, secure apps at BlackRock 

To improve business processes and drive automation, investment giant BlackRock has empowered nearly 400 citizen developers to build solutions on Unqork and other platforms, according to Bigley. To ensure that those solutions are secure, meet business objectives, and serve the business, BlackRock created a center of excellence (COE) that is “centralized and federated.” 

Ensuring high-quality, secure solutions, explained Bigley, is “all about the right framework, having the right playbook.” 

“You need to really be careful about automating a poor business process and making it faster, right?” said Bigley. “My team will figure out what the best solution is.”

“We are really making sure that the apps we build with Unqork are solid,” he says. 

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