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Three Types of Applications You Can Build with No-Code


You’ve heard a lot of buzz about no-code, but what can you build with it? To get you started, here are three types of applications enabled by no-code development platforms. 

The future of enterprise application development no longer depends on code—not when no-code development platforms exist. No-code makes it possible for enterprises to build everything they need in an application—speed, power, agility, security—without investing heavily in an onerous development process that ultimately falls short of expectations. 

No-code platforms allow both expert and non-expert programmers to play a part in building complex applications using intuitive visual interfaces. Specialized components and templates can be applied to a wide variety of use cases, making it possible to develop powerful software in a fraction of the time of traditional coding projects. This empowers enterprises to get products to market faster, cut down on legacy costs, and freely pursue innovation.

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This sounds great in theory, but what can you actually build with no-code? To get you thinking about how no-code might be able to boost your enterprise’s operations, here are three types of applications commonly created by organizations with the Unqork platform:

Onboarding Applications

Onboarding is a critical step of most customer relationships, whether the enterprise in question is offering insurance plans or providing healthcare services to patients. This step is critical to ensuring that all of the operations that follow run smoothly and that the relationship gets off on the right foot. Unfortunately, this process has traditionally existed in the form of frustrating and time-consuming call center interactions, which often result in incorrect data collection.

To capture customer information with more accuracy, enterprises are increasingly turning to fully digital onboarding applications. These apps not only prevent data collection errors and prevent loss of business down the line, they can also increase customer satisfaction by making the entire process more straightforward for the user being onboarded. 

Building apps without code prioritizes function and logic, meaning end-users are presented with a web application that places experience at the forefront. Using no-code technology doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice complexity, either—in fact, no-code made it possible to create the first platform for cross-carrier quote generation in the insurance industry. These types of applications allow customers to interact with services at their convenience, for the benefit of everyone involved. 

Relationship Management Applications

Relationship management applications, also known as “know your customer” (KYC) applications, facilitate the processes that institutions need to undergo to gather and verify information about clients. These procedures are mandatory for financial institutions as they help authenticate customer identities, as well as prevent money laundering and other illegal schemes—and failure to comply can mean facing heavy regulatory penalties. 

Traditionally, KYC information-gathering is all done manually, requiring analysts to track down each client’s personal information and input details by hand. This is a notoriously inefficient and risky process. Not only does it require involving the client and extending their timeline, but it also means institutions have to reach out to several vendors to try to capture the necessary information. Hunting down and aggregating all of these details manually makes it easy for updates to information to slip through the cracks or get input in one system and not another. Such mistakes are incredibly risky, and unfortunately, all too common.  

Automate these steps through a functional application results in a process that is not only more low-touch for customers, but also more accurate and more efficient. No-code makes it possible to integrate several different data sources into one aggregated view. Rather than requiring a human to source and compile this information, no-code can utilize AI technology to translate various file types into a common format in a centralized location. KYC can then happen quickly and seamlessly behind the scenes, ensuring that clients no longer need to be directly involved.

Back-Office Applications

No-code app development also has a place in internal operations. Back-office applications keep an enterprise running smoothly behind the scenes, and can encompass everything from product development to employee certifications. These applications increase efficiency and productivity by ensuring critical data lives in one place that all employees can access, which is especially important for large businesses.

Good no-code platforms scale easily with your business, so you can start with a back-office application for a single department and easily integrate with other teams as your company grows. Even better, the best no-code apps are deployed in a single-tenant, cloud-agnostic environment that ensures your internal operations are secure. 

Building No-Code Apps with Unqork

At Unqork, we set out to create an application development platform that would allow all programmers of all experience levels to create these three kinds of applications—and many more. The Unqork platform provides a modular way to build functional, scalable, and user-centric applications with ease. With Unqork, your organization will accelerate development, open the app-building process to more internal teammembers, and get products to market in record time. 

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