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The Short-Term Benefits of Legacy Modernization

When modernizing your legacy systems, you might feel like there’s a long road ahead. Did you know you can instantly reap the benefits of modernization with no-code?

We’re all guilty of putting off a software update from time to time. But as you probably know, running business-critical operations on outdated legacy systems and applications negatively impacts your enterprise. Legacy systems compromise business continuity, drive up costs, and can even set off a domino effect where one problem causes another, which causes another, and so on.

Given these challenges, why don’t more tech teams modernize their legacy systems? Every enterprise is different, but we’ve found most enterprises keep legacy systems around longer than necessary for one key reason—they don’t want to embark on a long and arduous modernization process. Let’s unpack that a little more.

Legacy modernization quick wins

It takes time to undergo a full digital transformation, and it’s not uncommon to think the primary purpose of these initiatives is to set your enterprise up for future success. Enterprises struggling with technical debt and the other myriad costs of legacy maintenance need results now. And we understand! That’s why we want to shine a light on the short-term benefits of legacy modernization.

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Here are three ways legacy modernization can transform your enterprise right away:

  • Cost reduction: On average, tech teams spend 75% of their development budget on legacy maintenance, and this percentage will only grow with time. Once you modernize, you’ll no longer have to devote funds to debugging, working around old code, or hiring engineers who are skilled in outdated programming languages. In fact, enterprises that modernize their legacy systems are five times more likely to see a significant reduction in their operating costs. That’s more money in your pocket that you can use right away!

  • Increased operational efficiency: Buggy legacy systems constantly crash, and managing hundreds of thousands of old code lines slows your creators down. Plus, since many legacy systems don’t play well with others, it’s hard to develop new products and features in a timely manner. Modernizing your legacy systems enables you to build high-quality, highly flexible applications that integrate seamlessly with other systems, which reduces complexity and streamlines key processes. After legacy modernization, you’ll soon notice your mission-critical systems are more reliable and you’re experiencing less downtime. 

  • Improved security: Legacy systems even just five years old are still highly vulnerable to malware attacks and data breaches. To make matters worse, these systems are often riddled with dead code, which is obsolete and forgotten code no longer utilized but still present in the application. Unfortunately, removing dead code can introduce even more bugs and unpatched security vulnerabilities into your system. Modernization increases your security immediately and helps you stay compliant right off the bat.

Legacy systems even just five years old are still highly vulnerable to malware attacks and data breaches.

The no-code development approach to legacy modernization

Modernizing your legacy systems with no-code helps you unlock these quick wins and so much more! Unqork’s powerful no-code platform is built to break monoliths down into microservices, so you can move away from legacy systems and toward the future of enterprise application development. Also, the Unqork platform is easy to learn and use, which enables all present and future team members to be directly involved with critical operations.

If you want to take it slow, Unqork can also help you keep your legacy systems around for a while before making the full transformation. Our powerful integrations let you configure connected legacy systems without code, meaning there’s no editable codebase to maintain or upgrade. And with no-code extensions, the Unqork platform helps integrate complex and rigid legacy systems and architectures without scripting. 


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On Unqork, creators and developers can build scalable architectures that support or upgrade existing legacy systems until they’ve all eventually been replaced. This helps you improve your performance and increase efficiency without wasting development time. Through these no-code capabilities, Unqork helps you modernize your legacy systems quickly, easily, and in the best way for you and your enterprise. Start seeing results sooner with Unqork’s legacy modernization, no coding necessary.

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