Patient Registration

Provide streamlined patient registration functionality through patient-facing digital hubs or guided on-site workflows.

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"We are confident in Unqork's ability help us connect with those we serve."

Ken Gibbs, CEO

Unqork empowers organizations to rapidly develop and effectively manage a tailored registration application. Patients can securely upload documents (e.g., insurance cards) to the system where they can be made accessible to all relevant stakeholders to cut down on redundant information-gathering processes. New documents can be automatically generated, reviewed by all key stakeholders in a central virtual hub, and finalized with e-signature functionality.


Enhanced patient satisfaction

Increase patient retention by matching modern digital expectations


Decreased wait times

Streamline patient information-gathering and  verification processes


Reduced overhead

Lower administrative costs and increase throughput via patient self-service

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Watch our webinar on meeting patient demands with no-code

Learn how Unqork's no-code platform can rapidly accelerate your development process, allowing you to evolve your digital infrastructure while maintaining the requisite complexity and security.

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Key Capabilities


Seamless integrations

Securely exchange data between internal systems and external services


Patient self-registration

Empower patients to independently submit/ verify information


Data quality checks

The system automatic identifies erroneous or missing data, triggers patient and/or registrar-facing remediation workflows


No-code flexibility

Easily—and rapidly—update your registration application and workflows


No-Code Vs. Low-Code

In the following webinar, Unqork CMO Alex Schmelkin draws a line in the sand between these two very different classes of development solutions and details the clear benefits of no-code. 

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