Secure Application Development

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Security from the ground up, not as an afterthought.

Unqork has everything you’d expect from a robust, enterprise-grade application platform. Data encryption is always on in-transit and at rest - you can even bring your own encryption keys so only you have access. 

Unqork only uses best-practice security controls as part of our program - we work with AICPA-certified third-party auditors to maintain security compliance with SOC 2, Type II, and Privacy Shield standards, and maintain a Level 5 Veracode rating and a 100% penetration pass rate.





Maintain compliance standards across your organization.

Build a comprehensive audit trail and maintain immutable data versions. See who has changed what, and when. Query for data changes, perform audits and complex analysis. Drop any component into a form and create an audit trail of any interaction on a page. 

Record and store every submission change made from a record’s creation until the present. Create full snapshots in real-time. Define how long your data is stored and when it will be purged. Write immutable information to a single disk one time and prevent editing, overwriting, renaming, or erasing - always maintain the original submission.


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Manage roles and permissions

Promote operational efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance with the use of permissions. Define roles and assign granular permissions from the field to form level, including field-level updates, actions, and read-only capabilities.

Combine roles and then share permissions across groups. Maintain flexible reporting structures beyond linear relationships.


Deploy securely in the cloud

Operate with confidence in single-tenant, cloud-agnostic enterprise infrastructure. Operate in an entirely single-tenant environment: only your own products, rules, and customers will live inside your instance. 

Avoid vendor lock-in, run your application on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS), Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure’s highly secure infrastructure platforms.

You can also run your application inside an optional Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with individual hosts protected by the strictest firewalls.

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