Unqork ExpressCloud

High Performance,
High Availability

ExpressCloud is a fully managed security-first codeless development platform that allows you to deliver high-quality applications while reducing costs

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So, what is ExpressCloud?

Unqork ExpressCloud maximizes performance and security in the cloud to allow for reliability and continuous delivery. This fully managed codeless develepment platform optimizes your Unqork environment’s runtime operation and is able to scale with ease.


No legacy maintenance

Completely separate application logic and behavior from the codebase


Managed security

We are your security partner in the cloud


Scale with ease

Scale your application resources; pay only for what you use


"[Unqork has] been able to accommodate our scale and complexity, while remaining flexible"

—Kathleen Kreuzer, Chief Business Officer for Global Operations, Marsh
Codeless Engine

Less code, less problems,
less cost

  • Avoid the need for costly upgrades and maintenance projects with our modern responsive renderer
  • Separate your configuration business logic from the code that executes in the browser for optimal upkeep and performance
  • Generate a fully responsive UI using your branding and styles
  • Interpret configuration JSON so no code is ever generated
  • Auto-upgrade UI renderer to the latest frameworks seamlessly
High Availability, Reliability, & Security

We are your security partner in the cloud

  • Automated monitoring for malicious activity, providing continuous threat protection with integrated IDS and IPS scanning
  • We investigate running applications on an ongoing basis with penetration tests to detect possible security vulnerabilities
  • Daily full-policy scans to identify and fix issues prior to deployment
  • Recurring container scans to ensure images are not vulnerable
  • We defend your environments and applications against common, frequently occurring network and transport layer DDoS attacks
High Performance & Scalability

Scale up and down and only pay only for what you use

  • Usage monitoring allows you to easily scale up or down  
  • Scale horizontally or vertically to optimize performance
  • Unqork load balances traffic on a highly available platform
  • Automatic detection and replacement of unhealthy nodes
  • On-demand, zero downtime upgrades and patching
Near-Zero Data Maintenance

Streamline data and
unlock value

  • Auto-upgrade version indexing, sharding, database health, schema management, and more
  • Set up data clusters programmatically and manage them without the complexity of data replication and migration across clouds
  • Adjust the size, memory, and storage capacity of data clusters and scale them horizontally without downtime
  • Analyze data collections experiencing poor performance and recommend index & schema suggestions automatically
  • Export your application data and integrate with popular BI and analytics platforms such as Tableau, Excel, and Power BI
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Unqork 101

What can ExpressCloud do?

Unqork ExpressCloud maximizes performance & security to allow for reliability and continuous delivery at scale

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"A huge part of everything we built was Unqork. It’s really what has allowed us to scale."

—Tyler Danielson, CTO, FOXO
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