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Unqork Conductor is the orchestrator of your SDLC. Conductor gives you the tools to manage, review, and release no-code applications at scale. From access management to quality assurance to release management, with Conductor you have everything you need to manage building and running your enterprise-grade applications.


Rock-solid security

Manage user access and data governance across the entire SDLC


Effortless scalability

Visualize and document dependencies to reduce bugs and optimize development


Robust oversight

Leverage pre-built dashboards and tools to monitor application performance

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Access Management & Data Governance

Manage user access and data governance in one location

  • Connect to your identity providers to integrate enterprise SSO
  • Manage all user roles and permissions with RBAC for applications down to the field level
  • Administer access to features and components by user role—configure in development, test in UAT, and promote to production
  • Review the system-generated data model and the field-level permissions and identify fields that may contain sensitive PII information with data model governance
  • Grant access to specific design environments or workspaces with workspace management
Release Management

Ensure quality applications and deploy them with ease

  • Address bugs and plan optimizations across different modules by providing visualizations of trends for important transactional logs
  • Document all dependencies between microservices, external services, applications, and modules in order to plan for any potential downstream changes or anticipate potential issues
  • Reduce development time with automatic API documentation for all APIs and schemas developed inside of Unqork
  • Visualize dependencies to showcase API usage across applications to determine where to invest more of your development resources
  • Deploy securely and at scale with release management
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Metrics Product Screen

Real-time application performance insights

  • Monitor infrastructure easily via standard APM or infrastructure management tools
  • Understand how long people spend on each page, which fields have been changed, and where users are dropping off
  • Capture user sessions and replays by leveraging built-in hookups to connect support agents including LogRocket
  • Leverage pre-built dashboards to help support personnel ensure environments are running correctly by surfacing any abnormalities that may merit their attention
  • Measure, store, and report application metrics, including app usage, compute resource utilization, support and health metrics, and response times

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