Review and Release

PII Management

Validate data models for access and sensitive information.

Visually review the system-generated data model and the field level permissions, and identify fields that may contain sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) information.




Promotion Management

Optimize release management promotion.

Manage your application lifecycle using RBAC-enabled built-in tools, and promotions that follow internal SDLC processes including staging, UAT and production.

Leverage APIs to promote to higher environments throughout the release management process. And, leverage granular RBAC capabilities to manage user access and permissions for each promotable item type.

History - Desktop

Maintain multiple versions of your application.

Manage multiple versions and live copies of an application, including flexible packaging for release and review.

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Feature in Focus

Release Management Dashboard

The Release Management Dashboard helps Creators promote multiple Unqork-built applications together, increasing their productivity and reducing the risk of error.

Release Dashbaord
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Unqork Platform Overview

Give Unqork's Chief Marketing Officer, Alex Schmelkin 15 minutes and he will break down how the Unqork platform can help technical and business resources alike configure complex applications with a simple, yet powerful drag-and-drop interface.

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