End-User Behavior Monitoring

Proactively stay on top of your user journey.

Capture all user interactions with an express application. Understand which fields users touched, the values that were entered in those fields, and the time of the update. Determine how long people spend on each field or page, which fields have been changed (marital status update, etc.), and where users are dropping off in the funnel.




Application Performance Management

Operational insight and collaboration.

Unqork tooling provides insights and control for you to collect end-user interactions, application usage, and monitor infrastructure via standard APM or infrastructure management tools.

You can then provide operational insight and collaboration for your teams to create and build applications in controlled and secure workspaces with tight RBAC on what can be worked on.

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Automated user session capture.

Capture user sessions and replays by leveraging built-in hookups to connect support agents, including LogRocket.

Feature in Focus

Logs & Metrics Dashboards

Each Unqork environment comes out-of-the-box with a Logs Dashboard to help Production Support personnel ensure environments are running correctly by surfacing any abnormalities that may merit their attention, and a Metrics Dashboard that displays the most critical performance metrics of an environment, including CPU, Memory, Network Traffic, and more.

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Unqork Platform Overview

Give Unqork's Chief Marketing Officer, Alex Schmelkin 15 minutes and he will break down how the Unqork platform can help technical and business resources alike configure complex applications with a simple, yet powerful drag-and-drop interface.

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