Application Test & Debug

Configuration Logic

Quickly test and debug configuration logic and processes.

Visualize how inputs flow through your modules with a step-by-step execution log of everything that happened. Watch a live view of your data with highlights of what changed to quickly detect, identify, and resolve configuration issues. Get insight into the inner workings of your modules, including a real-time preview by role.




Version Control

Maintain and manage module versions across your application.

Compare changes before approving release to the next environment. Mark, leave notes, or flag the most important versions. Search by tag or note, view promoted or starred versions, and revert to any previous version. Copy modules and make changes into a new module. View deltas between selected versions since the beginning of time.

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Feature in Focus

Service Logs Dashboard

The Service Logs Dashboard is a debugging tool that simplifies the visibility and searchability of API logs within Unqork. By reviewing, saving, and even sharing service logs in the Service Logs Dashboard, Creators can build & debug applications faster than they could when using a traditional code-based development approach.

Signal Start Node

The Signal Start node allows Creators to perform test runs of their workflows. Using these test workflows, Creators can review and experiment with application behaviors and automate testing activities such as initiating a QA ticket or interacting with an external testing framework.

Decision-Level Test Harnesses

With Unqork’s Test Harnesses, Creators can test & debug if/then logic within their application to ensure their application is properly configured and their business rules are functioning as expected.

Test Flexibility

Maintain separate test environments

Configure in development, test in UAT, and promote to production environments, with different users and permissions supported across each environment.

Real-Time QA

Incorporate real-time test harnesses

Test, in real time, the logic of input and outputs in calculated fields during the application’s build. Add inputs and immediately see outputs.

Machine-Powered QA

Drive automated test cases

Build and run automated tests that can be run before and after release to maintain predictable execution of all applications.

In-Depth Testing

 Automate security and penetration testing

Leverage “Application Promotion” endpoints to kick-off automated static or dynamic scans and conduct regular penetration testing of applications.

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