Data Management

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Integrated Database

Start building in a natively integrated, schema-free environment.

Focus on functionality, not your data model. Unqork ships with a fully integrated, best-in-class document-based database, MongoDB. Store data in flexible, JSON documents, meaning fields can vary from document to document and data structure can be changed.


Data model

Visualize your data structure as you build.

As you build, Unqork creates and validates your fields and presents them in a single place. View information like data types, persistence and per-role security for each data point your application collects. Automatically detect potential PII to ensure every field is properly secured. Easily augment your data model and view which modules interact with any one field.

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Unqork + MongoDB Atlas: A Perfect Partnership

With Unqork and MongoDB Atlas, enterprises are able to build—and continuously improve—custom cloud applications thanks to a platform that scales with the needs of your business. 

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Feature in Focus

Schema Docs Dashboard

The Schema Docs Dashboard helps Creators plan their data structures by providing automatically generated documentation for all the data modules in their Unqork workspace.

Schema Docs Dashboard
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Give Unqork's Chief Marketing Officer, Alex Schmelkin 15 minutes, and he will break down how the Unqork platform can help technical and business resources alike configure complex applications with a simple, yet powerful drag-and-drop interface.

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