P&C Policy Administration

Centralize and streamline your policy issuance and management activities such as providing customer quotes, document management, agency management, policy issuance, and post-issuance activities.

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With Unqork’s P&C policy administration solution, businesses are able to easily and rapidly build a customized digital solution, including the integration of legacy and third-party systems. 


Accelerate turnaround times

Faster servicing drives improved customer experience.


Improve client experience

Deliver self-service capabilities to agents to minimize time on administrative tasks.


Reduce manual work

Automate rating calculations, document generation, and manage everything through a streamlined and centralized process flow.

Demo: Policy Admin System


"...a minimum of three times faster and three times less expensive [than traditional methods]."

James McGlennon, CIO

Key Capabilities



Integrate with third-party services such as Transunion, Carfax, and LexisNexis and internal systems including billing systems.



Create a seamless workflow across all areas of your organization for quote generation, policy issuance including document generation, & updates such as endorsements and cancellations.


Digitized processes

Streamline quote generation process in a fully digital, self-service environment.


Calculations & logic

Incorporate bespoke business logic to avoid offline spreadsheets and manual analysis; streamline the application process with reflexive questions.



Support seamless quote and policy generation, ongoing policy administration and collaboration.


Integrated underwriting

All the information needed for Underwriters to review and efficiently quote policies is instantly available in a user friendly, modern interface.

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Implementing and delivering to
market in only 12 weeks

An insurance company was looking to develop a policy administration system that would fit their business needs. With Unqork, the company developed a multi-product application with dynamic navigation, automated billing, PDF generation, and email notifications. The new automated workflow enabled the firm to generate quotes and bind policies. The application also had the capability to perform post-issuance activities and manage the full lifecycle of the policy. This gave the insurance company complete visibility into quote generation and policy issuance and a full transaction audit trail for all their insurance products. The provider was able to implement 15 external services and deliver to market in only 12 weeks.

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