Real-Time Claims Adjudication

Apply business logic at scale to rapidly and efficiently identify, correct, and validate high-volumes of claims.

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Unqork empowers companies to rapidly build and effectively manage a custom, enterprise-ready claims adjudication application. By digitally transforming these complex processes, companies are able to amplify productivity while subsequently mitigating operational costs. 


Greater operational efficiencies

Streamline processes and free-up capacity for mission-critical or high-touch processes


Increased member/patient satisfaction

Deliver timely and transparent payments


Improved compliance

Keep your processes up-to-date with state and federal regulations

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Key Capabilities


Seamless Integrations

Freely (but securely) exchange data between existing legacy systems and external solutions


Document Management

Generate, manage, and store documents and make them available to all stakeholders


Integrated Messaging

Allow all stakeholders to securely send messages directly within the platform


Proactive Notifications

The platform can automatically notify patients, providers, and partners when a critical task is ready for review

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