Provider Lifecycle Management

Automate key PLM tasks at scale to accelerate processes, increase operational efficiencies, and enhance the provider experience.

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"The products we are developing with Unqork are supporting Maimonides’ drive towards a more modern, intuitive, and engaging patient experience while also improving efficiency in our internal operations."

Ken Gibbs, CEO

Unqork empowers payer organizations to build a unified digital interface that seamlessly connects with multiple systems, workflows, and services. With Unqork, payer organizations can automate critical information-gathering & verification processes at scale and trigger remediation workflows to address missing information or other data issues.

By automating workflows and integrating systems, payer organizations are able to dramatically reduce their administrative burden, accelerate physician onboarding & and contract management processes (including value based), improve provider satisfaction, and increase data fidelity and accessibility.


Increased provider satisfaction

Accelerate all provider-facing processes


Improved efficiencies

Streamline processes and free-up capacity for mission-critical or high-touch processes


Better compliance

Easily update workflows to ensure processes are in regulatory good standing

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Key Capabilities


Seamless integrations

Integrate with existing systems and external services (e.g., LexisNexis, NPPES)


Document management

Generate, manage, and store documents and guidelines, making them easily accessible for all stakeholders


Contract management

Automate and organize contract processes including value-based


Automatic remediation

Whenever any issues are identified, it can automatically trigger remediation processes and workflows


Workflow analytics

Identify bottlenecks to improve processes and workflows over time


Credential management

Automatically ingest and verify provider credentialing information with machine efficiency

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