Case Management & Care Coordination

Establish and manage your organization’s case management needs with a digital experience that includes the coordination of case intake, ongoing management & maintenance.

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"The products we are developing with Unqork are supporting Maimonides’ drive towards a more modern, intuitive, and engaging patient experience while also improving efficiency in our internal operations."

Ken Gibbs, CEO

Unqork empowers companies to address their case management needs with a complete digital experience that coordinates case intake and serves as a gateway to external data and digital services. Payers can rapidly build and effectively manage an end-to-end case management solution that automates workflows and organizes data at scale.


Increased member satisfaction

Provide enhanced transparency of case status and access to critical information for documentation and processing


Improved efficiencies

Streamline processes and free-up capacity for mission-critical or high-touch processes


Better compliance

Increase transparency & auditability, flexibility adjust workflows to address changing regulatory needs to ensure organizational good standing

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Key Capabilities


Seamless integrations

Integrate with existing systems (e.g., CRM, prior authorization, care management)


Document management

Generate, manage, and store guidelines and make them easily accessible for all stakeholders


Integrated messaging

Allow all stakeholders to securely communicate directly in the platform, ensuring proper handoffs and timely resolution of issues


Proactive notifications

The platform can automatically notify patients, providers, and partners when a critical task is ready for review


Persona-specific dashboards

All stakeholders can see the status of inquiries and know if any additional steps are needed


Customizable rules

Organizations can build (and edit) custom rules and workflows that can automatically qualify cases with machine efficiency

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