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Joint-Solution Overview

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides businesses and developers around the world with highly reliable and secure technology infrastructure so they can instantly scale-out their compute power, storage, and other on-demand services.

Unqork software instances are hosted on AWS EC2 in various locations and availability zones to provide its SaaS services to clients with high availability, low latency, and according to the relevant data location policies.

Unqork’s enterprise no-code development platform and AWS’s high-availability cloud technology play a critical role in helping enterprise organizations launch applications quickly and manage a high volume of transactions efficiently.

Joint-Solution Success Story

The pandemic has affected everyone, but it hasn’t affected everyone equally. While residents in high-impact areas might have been inconvenienced by social distancing mandates, the pandemic represented something far more serious to society’s most vulnerable groups.

This problem was acutely felt in New York City during the spring surge, where the number of city residents who depended on food services expanded at a rapid clip, even as previously established distribution channels were disrupted.

To provide food for COVID-19-vulnerable and food-insecure New Yorkers, the City turned to Unqork a create the GetFoodNYC Delivery Program over a single weekend. The company was confident it could rapidly build a scalable, enterprise-grade application because AWS could be counted on to provide high availability, low latency service that would be executed in accordance with relevant data location policies.

This was a complex application integrating multiple disparate systems and advanced functionality, but the partnership of Unqork and AWS allowed the city to build and deploy a robust solution in just three days. 

The Program proved to be very scalable and went from servicing 15 meals on its first day to 900,000 meals a day during its peak. By the summer, more than 65 million were delivered to nearly 700,000 unique households.



In the Media

“One Friday afternoon in mid-March, Cas Holloway, head of public enterprise for Unqork, a Manhattan-based no-code software application program, got a call from Jessica Tisch, commissioner of New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications….

The city needed Unqork to build a digital platform that would allow residents to order free meals to be delivered by the thousands of city-licensed taxi and ride-share drivers who were desperate for work. Could Unqork get this done over the weekend?

“I think we can,” Mr. Holloway said.

He put his team on it. By Monday, the platform, which cost the city about $600,000, was up and running. The city’s Emergency Food Home Delivery program is now serving nearly 900,000 meals a day.”

Wall Street Journal, June 2, 2020



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