Online Marriage Licenses

Fully virtualize your marriage license process, including authenticating identity, receiving payment and electronic signatures.

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First deployed by the City of New York during the COVID-19 pandemic, Unqork’s Online Marriage License platform enables cities to fully bring the marriage license process online.


Seamless User Experience

Enable couples to complete their application, submit identity verification documents, pay online, and schedule the next available appointment


Validate & Manage

Help your clerks perform a pre-appointment check to ensure paperwork is in order and identity and marital status are verified


Issue Marriage License

Develop a digital workflow for clerks to initiate the marriage application signing process and generate the marriage license

Additional Capabilities



Integrate with internal systems and third party services such as Calendly and DocuSign



Create a seamless workflow to digitize affidavit & marriage license applications


Digitized Processes

Automates your identity verification processes (customized to local requirements)


Online Payments

Enables online payments with a credit card


Video Conferences

Facilitate video conference meetings between couples and clerks



Manage e-signature & license generation processes without writing code

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Marriage Licensing
"Project Cupid"

Using Unqork, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) and the Office of the City Clerk launched “NYC Cupid,” an Unqork application that digitizes affidavits, automates identity verification, enables online payments, schedules digital appointments with clerks, facilitates video conferences, manages e-signatures, and generates official licenses.

This application was developed in days, from ideation to production.


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