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Low-Code vs.

Unqork’s no-code platform empowers organizations to rapidly build and effectively maintain sophisticated digital solutions without writing a single line of code.

With Unqork, you can manage no-code application development throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle without having to switch to coding, so you can move faster at lower cost with fewer errors to future-proof your business.

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No-code impact for the enterprise

Build faster

Build complex applications at least 3x faster than code/low-code solutions, driving speed to marketing over your competitors

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Improve quality

Unqork customers see 99.99% uptime and 600x fewer defects than code-based enterprise software approaches

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Reduce costs

Benefit from at least 3x cost savings vs. the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for code/low-code enterprise software

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"To me, no-code is about rapidly building scalable solutions. It allows you to focus on real business problems because you can use existing features. It's more of an acceleration of—and not a substitute for—coding skillsets."

—Shekar Pannala, Global CIO, Co-Leader Technology, Chubb

What’s the difference between low-code and no-code?

Code can no longer keep up with the speed of business. Modern ecosystems have become so complex, and marketplaces evolve so rapidly, that digital solutions become obsolete almost as soon as they're pushed live. In order to remain competitive, companies must rapidly address changes in the marketplace—and traditional code/low-code  approaches are not up to the challenge.

Low-code tools provide some level of abstraction from code, which can speed development—to a degree. However, low-code is still code, and can only deliver so much improvement before running into limitations.

At Unqork, we believe the future of software development is completely code-free, which is why we’ve invented the first no-code enterprise application platform. No-code is a completely new development paradigm that allows organizations to develop sophisticated applications via an entirely visual interface—and without having to write a single line of code.


According to a leading low-code platform’s own website, building a simple form like the one shown below requires a trained programmer to write 111 LOCs. Note: the 111 LOCs do not include key enterprise features like field-level validation, responsive behaviors, or success and/or error messaging—that functionality would require even more coding resources.

With Unqork, the same form along with all the advanced functionality detailed above can be built and deployed in a matter of minutes. Creators simply drag-and-drop components and visually configure each step in the multi-step navigation form.

navigation component

Enterprises can tap Unqork’s growing library of configurable components to build highly automated processes such as generating insurance quotes, assessing financial risk, or managing trade exceptions

When building a complex workflow such as integrating data from a third-party database, for example, the differences between “no” and “low” are impossible to ignore.


In Unqork, all configuration is visual (and codeless)

Unqork believes in a codeless future and our visual configurator allows developers (or “Creators” as we refer to them) to build enterprise applications by configuring components (including user-facing elements, back-end functionality, and API-based connections to external systems) within a drag-and-drop interface.

By removing the need to translate business processes into code, we allow organizations to focus their resources on overcoming business challenges instead of technical ones.


Low-Code vs. No-Code

In the following eBook, we will demonstrate why only no-code can meet the needs of the modern digital enterprise through the exploration of several key differences.

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"You can develop very complicated systems easier using Unqork"

—Taylor Fay, Director of Product Management, FOXO

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