Life Origination

A turnkey solution that empowers carriers to build a fully digital, end-to-end new business acquisition application with accelerated underwriting in a matter of weeks.

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"You can develop very complicated systems
easier using Unqork."

Taylor Fay, Director of Product Management

Unqork’s Life Origination solution empowers carriers to deploy a custom end-to-end new business application in a matter of weeks—without writing a single line of code. With Unqork, carriers can rapidly develop and effectively manage a robust solution to enhance the customer journey and accelerate the quote-to-bind process.


Rapid time-to-market

Bring your custom application ideation-to-production 3x faster than a traditional approach


Accelerated turnarounds

Remove unnecessary steps and hasten the quote-to-bind journey. Collect application, medical, and lifestyle information about a customer in less than 15 minutes


Amplified underwriting function

Process 2x the application volume through auto-underwriting and enable underwriting decisions on the rest of the applications in days and not weeks or months

Demo: DTC Life Insurance Origination App

Key Capabilities


Digital workflow orchestration

Design complex end-to-end digital processes across multiple teams and systems without any human checkpoints


Seamless handoffs

Advisor- and/or customer-led digital workflows with the ability to transfer edit rights at any point



NIGO identification and remediation at an application and policy level, fully mapped ACORD 103 to feeds


Advanced analytics

Operational dashboards to track application progress at a policy level and with real-time statusing and notifications


End-to-end policy finalization

Fully integrated e-signature and delivery of policy documents

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A top-10 life insurer digitized the entire customer journey in a matter of weeks

Using Unqork, a top-10 life insurer digitized the end-to-end new business acquisition journey to increase revenue and reduce costs in a scalable model. Over the course of a few weeks, the company built a unified digital (mobile/online) interface for advisors, customers, and operations—leveraging a single source of truth and clean data feed into policy admin, CRM, and underwriting system.

  • Rapid time-to-market: Insurer went from ideation to production in a matter of weeks

  • Thorough digitization: 100% digital solution with a high degree of automation

  • Accelerated processes: Processes dropped from 60+ days to less than 20 on most applications

  • Improved data: Significant reduction in NIGO processing— from 65%+ to less than 20%

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