Increase efficiency and close rates with a modern new business process

Empowering carriers to rapidly build a fully digital, end-to-end new business acquisition application

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How Unqork helps you

Carriers can seamlessly develop and effectively manage robust software to enhance the customer experience and accelerate the quote-to-bind journey


Accelerated time-to-market

Bring your custom application from ideation-to-production 3x faster than a traditional approach 


Increased efficiencies

Reduce manual data entry by 50% and unnecessary back-and-forths by 75%


Improved data collection

Pre-fill, real-time validation, and NIGO detection & remediation workflows eliminate 100% of basic errors 

Customer Story

Why Principal Financial Uses Unqork

"Unqork understands that it's about real people who have real problems that we can serve with products and services."

           — Principal Financial’s Amy Friedrich
                  President - US Insurance Solutions


Unqork capabilities at-a-glance

Industry Panel

Transforming Life & Annuity Insurance

Insurance innovator FOXO’s Tyler Danielson (CTO) & Taylor Fay (Product Management Lead) discuss how they use the Unqork platform to bring high-quality, complex, and flexible products to market quickly.


Top-5 carrier tapped Unqork to transform its new business acquisition process 




A top-five life carrier relied on an eApplication point solution that was unable to support rapid product launches or meet changing customer needs. It didn’t provide straight-through processing or integrations into existing systems, resulting in many manual workarounds and redundant data entry.


The carrier used Unqork’s codeless platform to build a custom eApplication with intelligent interfaces, data validation rules, real-time status reporting, and collaboration features. The solution supports straight-through processing, decreases NIGO, and improves the carrier’s ability to launch new products that meet customer preferences.


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How carriers can respond to disruption by going codeless

Disruption is inevitable, Unqork can help. We’ll explore specific use cases across distribution, operations, and customer retention.

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Get more functionality with Unqork partners

SE2,, and Unqork have a broad set of Life offerings including New Business, Customer Engagement, and Accelerated Underwriting

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Video: Unqork propelling life insurance innovation

FOXO's Product Management Lead discusses the ways the innovative insurer is leveraging the Unqork platform

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