Life Insurance Underwriting

Bring the power of a fully digital, self-service underwriting experience to your customers.

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Unqork’s Life Insurance Underwriting Solution transforms your underwriting process into a fully digitized, self-service, customer-authenticated application.

Carriers are able to tap into a library of configurable, sector-specific questionnaires that can be tailored to specific underwriting preferences and reflexive application logic can be applied at scale to avoid unnecessary data entry. Customer statusing and cloud-based tools for call center agents and engineers help manage and progress cases.

Finally, comprehensive analytics measures customer behavior to help identify bottlenecks and pain points in order to refine and improve processes moving forward.


Faster turnaround

Create vast improvements in turn around time to complete the questionnaires.


Fewer errors

Limited to no follow ups for missing or inaccurate information.


Improved customer experience

Self service applications lead to fewer
unnecessary questions.


"Unqork's special genius is fixing the entire life insurance issuance process."

Tim Ash, Founder

Additional Capabilities



Optimize paths of 2,500 reflexive questions tailored based on underwriting preferences and state compliance


Lifecycle Reporting

Real-time task and customer status across the application lifecycle available to all relevant stakeholders via a centralized source of truth.



Limit fraudulent activity by confirming customer identity and key actions via two-factor authentication


Case Management

Effectively process and route cases and submissions to offices and departments around the globe


Decisioning & Analytics

Access real-time analytics at a field level to surface actionable, data-backed insights on customer behaviors


Audit Trail

Establish workflows to handle follows-up and additional data collection in a programmatic and fully auditable manner


Top 10 insurer goes from idea to production in 8 weeks

In order to capture personal medical information from customers, a top-10 life insurer was conducting expensive interviews via a staff of high cost, certified personnel.

Using Unqork, the carrier built a direct-to-consumer, customer authenticated, self-service application that digitized the entire interview and underwriting process in just 8 weeks. This resulted in slashing a 45-min invasive call to a less than 10-minute online application.

• Application went from idea to production in just 8 weeks

• Reduced cost structure with less burden on service centers

• Significantly accelerated turn-around time, from 45 minutes to less than 10

• 100% in good order, limited-to-no follow-ups with customer on missing information

• Improved data quality through real-time validation

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