Universal Front Door for Health and Human Services

Rapidly build and effectively manage a robust case referral application with tailored digital experiences for clients, case managers, and administrators.

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Using Unqork, agencies can develop a universal social service intake process and access a centralized database to determine if the referral is already in the system with another agency and how/where the case is being managed.


Seamless end-to-end experience

Leverage components that cover all parts of an in-person process, including intake, scheduling, case management, and more


Universal intake

Make it easy to access a secure, centralized database to confirm if/where a referral is receiving assistance


Increased client satisfaction

Safely—and remotely—connect individuals in need with a wide range of services and assistance

Key Capabilities


Digital Front Door

Responsive client-facing omnichannel digital portals that offer predictable, organized workflows with smart tools to maximize assistance and prioritize resources


Frictionless Handoffs

Seamless integrations allow case managers to seamlessly hand-off a client to a relevant agency or employee, even within a single session


Tailored Internal Dashboards

Provide administrators and case managers with tailored experiences and access to relevant information, demonstrating case manager or agency-wide performance data as well as individual client outcomes across agencies

Success Story

During the COVID-19 outbreak, a major urban center tapped Unqork to build and deploy its Virtual Family Assistance Center in only 10 days without writing a single line of code.


COVID delivered a one-two punch to government agencies in that it affects so many clients at the same time, while subsequently disrupting the traditional channels for delivering crucial public services. This is where the Unqork platform’s ability to accelerate the development of robust digital solutions made a huge impact on the urban centers that experienced the brunt of the initial wave of the pandemic.

For one major city, the usual response to a high-impact event would be to respond by establishing a “Family Assistance Center’’ at a physical location to connect individuals who lost a family member with a navigator who could connect them with relevant public services (burial assistance, counseling, etc). This was not possible to do conduct safely amid a pandemic. So, the city worked with Unqork to launch a “Virtual Family Assistance Center’’ (VFAC) to provide mourning families with a wide range of services and assistance.


Built over just 10 days in April, the VFAC helps the city distribute information, assistance, and aid to families who lost a loved one to COVID. These services include everything from burial assistance to locating records & documents to connecting with mental health services. Individuals are brought into the VFAC through several channels: Via the city’s online COVID portal, by calling the assistance line, or by having their data transferred over from the medical examiner’s office. From there, a navigator employed by the city is prompted to reach out and offer assistance. The VFAC’s internal admin portal helps managers efficiently assign navigators to cases. The system’s navigator-facing portal guides workers step-by-step through the structured intake/interview process and can be used to connect families to a wide range of relevant city agencies.


Since going live, the solution has been able to deliver various forms of crucial assistance to more than 600 individuals and families who have lost loved-ones as a result of COVID-19. Built over only 10 days, the platform has empowered the city to maintain robust client services during a challenging time.

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