Health & Human Services Case Management

Streamline case management processes into a centralized digital hub to drive improved outcomes for clients, while lowering your agency’s administrative burden—without writing a single line of code.

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Westfield Washington Township

"I couldn't imagine any other technology or firm out there that could build and listen like Unqork did. I can't wait to use Unqork to develop other platforms in the future because they know how to do it."

Danielle Carey Tolan, Trustee

With Unqork, public agencies can rapidly build—and effectively manage—a case management solution that allows a client to connect with services through various channels. The custom solution empowers agencies to streamline processes that previously required in-person transactions, and can be used to build administrator- and case-manager-facing hubs to connect clients with relevant agencies or services.


Seamless end-to-end experience

Leverage modular, configurable components that cover all parts of an in-person process, including intake, scheduling, case management, and more


Improved service

Provide direct access to flexible applications for tracking and managing clients, volunteers, employees, and case managers


Increased client satisfaction

Safely—and remotely—connect individuals in need with a wide range of services and assistance

Key Capabilities


Digital front door

Responsive client-facing omnichannel digital portals that offer predictable, organized workflows with smart tools to maximize assistance and prioritize resources


Frictionless handoffs

Seamless integrations allow case managers to seamlessly hand-off a client to a relevant agency or employee, even within a single session


Tailored internal dashboards

Empower administrators and case managers with access to relevant information demonstrating case manager and organization-wide performance

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