How Unqork uses Our Platform to Optimize Our Day-to-Day Workload

Fill out the form to access our webinar demonstrating how Creators at Unqork have developed a Customer Management System (UCMS) application as a Service Management hub to optimize day-to-day workload and automate daily operations management.

Watch as Unqork builds on its own no-code enterprise application platform leveraging the Codeless Architecture to: 

  • Internally unlock potential and bridge technical gaps: Unqork connects, transforms and leverages key microservices provided via REST APIs all via a secure and scalable Codeless Architecture
  • Develop a service hub application as a “Knowledge as a Service” (KaaS): Unqork streamlines and optimizes processes to drive operational burden to zero (cost neutral)
  • Consolidate and centralize business operations: Unqork accesses and connects processes across the organization under a Unified system where human action could be needed through a single pane of glass with built-in security and access controls

Join us as our Platform Operations & Services team explore how Unqork uses Unqork.



Participating experts:

  • Bert .I. Amadi, SVP, Head of Platform Operations & Services, Unqork
  • Sam Viemeister, Senior Director, Platform Services, Unqork