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As the digital assets & blockchain sectors mature, firms face new challenges and opportunities.

The institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies and the acceleration of blockchain’s capacity to solve complex operational processes are opening whole new markets. At the same time, regulatory scrutiny is on the rise, and new players are constantly entering the playfield.

Digital asset firms are turning to Unqork’s codeless platform to quickly build and iterate secure, blockchain-enabled solutions via an entirely visual, drag-and-drop interface.

Codeless success stories

Top-10 global crypto exchange



Institutional onboarding

Business Challenge

High demand was overwhelming existing applications and processes, creating long wait times for onboarding new clients. 

Unqork Solution

The firm turned to Unqork to create an institutional onboarding solution to automate due diligence and AML processes. With 5 integrations and 200+ business rules, the solution onboards low-risk clients 75% faster.

Top-3 digital asset manager



Crypto fund pricing

Business challenge

After rapid growth, the firm needed a scalable way to monitor crypto price changes, reconcile differences, and strike end-of-day NAV. 

Unqork Solution

A comprehensive crypto fund pricing solution that ingests data from multiple integrated external data sources to track pricing, provide tailored review & approval workflows, and calculate NAV at specified times of the day.

Crypto exchange and prime broker



Global KYC verification

Business challenge

Rapid expansion and increased regulatory scrutiny compelled the firm to scale onboarding in a compliant manner.

Unqork Solution

After an extensive vendor search, the firm selected Unqork platform, In under 18 weeks, the firm built a custom KYC solution that meets unique scaling and security requirements and required 5 integrations.

Key Benefits

Crypto & digital asset firms use Unqork to:

Accelerate app development

Deliver solutions across product lines with rapid, all-visual development, a proprietary rules engine, powerful native ETL, and a unified platform for all internal- and customer-facing processes

Unify your entire ecosystem

Leverage Unqork’s robust API services layer to quickly build integrations with internal & third-party services to power data enrichment, validation, and data capture workflows.

Overcome industry challenges

Decades of collective financial service industry experience have guided the development of keystone technology projects for some of the world’s largest, most influential firms.

Rapid iteration, rapid evolution

Respond in near real time to evolving requirements for KYC, onboarding, and other areas while seamlessly integrating with blockchain technology—all without writing a single line of code

Digital Use Cases

Have a business challenge?

Tap Unqork to solve it faster and more efficiently than with a traditional low-based approach. Here are some ways the industry is using Unqork to deliver value right now:

Lifecycle Management

Drive customer acquisition and retention on a secure, scalable, and extensible platform to deliver high-quality UX.

Sample use Cases

Client portal and onboarding
KYC & KYB verification
Annual refresh (KYC, credit)
Inquiries and new offerings

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Risk & Compliance

Create integrated compliance, risk, and regulatory solutions that are extensible across products, services, and global jurisdictions.

Sample use Cases

• Client and wallet screening
• Vendor management and KY3P
• Crypto transaction and risk monitoring
• Compliance filings

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Operational Excellence

Generate efficiencies and extensibility with digitized workflows for critical operational processes:

Sample use Cases

• Case and workload management
• Digital asset fees and billing
• VC crypto deal management
• Payments and reconciliation
• Daily fund pricing

Securrency + Unqork

An e2e blockchain-enabled private assets platform

Securrency & Unqork have built the first-of-its-kind tokenized fund investment platform for private assets, including full integration with proprietary blockchain to enable ledgers to track onboarding eligibility and allow sharing via wallets.

  Onboard clients with custom portals and workflows

  Orchestrate KYB and KYC seamlessly across personas

  Automate creating wallets and tokenizing funds

  Sync and store transactions on Stellar blockchain



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