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Technology & Security


What is “DIY Enterprise”, "no-code" development?
It’s right there in the name. Do. It. Yourself. Enterprise software. It starts with no-code development, our way of creating products without having to write a single line of code. The goal? Make it so anyone, no matter how tech savvy, can create a beautiful, functional, and future-proofed application.

Hold on, I thought you needed to be a programmer to create software.
Our platform, with its simple drag-and-drop components, pre-built templates, and intuitive interface makes no-code the simplest it’s ever been. It allows non-programmers and coders alike to quickly and easily create a product that can be used for any number of tasks. With our pre-made templates and individual components for financial services and insurance, you have everything you need to produce a flexible and powerful product. If something changes, and you need to alter your program, no problem! Remove and add components as needed, it takes literally minutes to create something entirely new.

Do you participate in RFPs?
No, we encourage and participate in live bake-offs (this kind, not this kind), no slideware.

What is a bake-off?
Get us in a room with the business and IT and we will actually build your solution together, in real time. Give us a day or two at most. Then bake us off against the other options you're considering. At the end of the week you'll know who to pick.

My team is saying you can't handle our requirements.
Challenge us via a live bake-off. We'll prove we can by configuring your products, account opening, or new business flow directly in Unqork.

What exactly is Unqork?
Unqork is the first end-to-end digitization and fulfillment platform for financial services and insurance. We work with manufacturers of financial products and the distributors who sell those products to quickly fulfill orders for new insurance policies, annuities, retirement, bank accounts, asset management accounts, mortgages, loans, and more.

I don't understand what Fulfillment Platform means as it relates to insurance or banking.
Unqork streamlines all aspects of new business acquisition for regulated financial products, including data acquisition, risk management, account setup/policy issuance, and servicing. We take care of all of this so you can focus on what really differentiates you in the market.

Why are you better at all of this than my company's existing capability or {insert platform/vendor name}?
Unqork is the first no-code platform in FS&I designed from the ground up to be configured by analysts. It combines an exceptional UX designed for internal and external user, ingestion from any source of data — digital or paper, our patent-pending workflow and micro-decisioning engine, and a flexible data model with seamless integration.

Are you another eApplication platform for insurance and financial services?
Yes. No. Kind of. We are so much more. Unqork is a complete end-to-end fulfillment platform for policy issuance, servicing, and account opening. In addition to providing a beautiful, branded (your colors, fonts, logo) look and feel, we will fulfill orders for you from any channel, including our digital application, paper (really? yes), agency management systems, legacy portals, and data feeds.

What do you do for insurance carriers?
We act as your front door to distribution and customers. Unqork accepts orders for new policies across all product lines including life, annuities, auto, home, personal lines, commercial property & casualty, and specialty. We clean up and validate application input, augment the submission with external data sources, handle rating and quoting, and deliver a clean application, every time. After you've acquired the customer we help you with servicing, endorsements, and renewals.

What do you do for financial services companies?
We act as your platform for client lifecycle management including on-boarding and servicing. We will support you in handling both institutional and retail clients across all product lines including broker dealers, asset management, wealth management, banking and asset servicing. We will enable you to model all business and regulatory rules, capture client data and documents, enrich it with external data sources and integrate with current infrastructure while providing you with powerful analytics that will help you better manage your operations cost and risk while improving your client experience.

What do you do for distributors and brokers?
Unqork acts as your front door to financial services companies offering an all-in-one integrated shopping experience for all of the products you sell to your customers.

How does Unqork get paid? What are the fees for the Unqork platform?
Pay-as-you go pricing lowers your risk when introducing new products. We only charge our fees based on usage of the Unqork platform. There are no software setup, maintenance, or professional service fees. Love it? Keep using it. Not so much? Just stop.

How long does it take to get started?
We're up and running production with your first products within 8 weeks.

I'm ready to start. What's next?
Contact us to schedule a workshop; or better yet, send us an existing paper application for your product and we'll configure it in Unqork for you.

Technology & Security

Where is Unqork hosted? Is this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?
Unqork is exclusively offered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We maintain all of the infrastructure and are responsible for security, scalability, hosting, and maintenance of your environments.

Do you host all of your customers in the same instance of Unqork? Is this single- or multi-tenant?
Unqork is single-tenant. Only your products, rules, and customers will live in your instances and databases. Each customer gets its own scalable copy of production, testing, and development environments. Customer data is never co-mingled.

Who owns the data?
All of your data is always yours and only yours. We can even give you access to a copy of your database if you'd like to feed directly into your data warehouse or business intelligence system.

How do I know that Unqork is secure?
We invest heavily in policies and controls, technical security, and a culture of vigilance. Our platform is designed to deliver the most secure services and data handling today’s technology can offer. Learn more about our certifications and security reviews.

What security certifications do you have?
We maintain SOC 2 Type II certification which confirms that the Unqork platform meets the strict information security and privacy standards for the handling of highly sensitive customer data established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We also conduct periodic reviews of many of the processes we set down, such as a quarterly review of all access control to our systems, and scheduled review of our security training material. We are in the process of adding PCI and Privacy Shield to our list of certifications.

Do you conduct penetration and static code testing?
We conduct frequent penetration tests across of all of our servers for possible vulnerabilities. We also submit our code to static code reviews on a quarterly basis to an industry recognized code analysis provider, Veracode. You can also run a pen test and dynamically scan your instances of Unqork.

What kind of submission data can you take in?
Everything. Seriously. We fulfill orders in any format, including paper, PDFs, any data feed, structured or unstructured.

How are you able to take in any data format?
It's part of the same special sauce as configuring products and account opening flows. Analysts use the Unqork Fulfillment Builder to map data from your inputs using drag-and-drop and excel-like interfaces.

You really will take in my paper forms? How do you process paper?
We hate paper just as much as you do and are working hard to transition the industry to digital. But in the meantime, we'll take your paper. Unqork ingests scans of your paper forms, uses an integrated OCR engine to extract both handwritten and typed data at a very high level of accuracy. The engine gets smarter over time on your forms via machine learning. For the "final mile," we operate a secure, on-shore data processing facility staffed by humans to extract any remaining data.

Wait, so you can run my business rules on my paper forms?
Yes. After we extract all the data from the paper, we run it through the same fulfillment engine as if the submission came in via our eApplication or any other digital feed.

How do you handle integrations?
We don't require you to adhere to any Unqork data format. Instead, we'll integrate with any system you tell us and send you the data in whatever format you specify. Want an ACORD 103? XML? JSON? API endpoint? CSV? File transfer? Carrier pigeon? We support any and all.

Do you offer an API?
Yes, and it's becoming one of the more common ways to integrate with us. All forms and rules that are available via our eApplication are also available via API.