Digital Operations HQ

Unqork’s modular solution empowers organizations to rapidly build and effectively manage a world-class, 21st-century operations function—without writing a single line of code.

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With Unqork’s Digital Operations HQ accelerators, operations teams can finally address long-existing challenges around exception handling, workflow management, and efficiently overseeing a tangled web of global teams and disparate systems.

Unqork’s Digital Operations HQ can be the “digital glue” that integrates—and optimizes—a firm’s entire operations function around three configurable core elements:



Exception Hub

Scale and automate data validation with centralized error-handling, powered by a flexible rules engine

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Workflow orchestrator

Rapidly digitize multi-step processes across multiple teams and systems (including internal legacy solutions and external third-party services) with automatic routing


Visual aggregator

Pull real-time insights from multiple elements into custom dashboards with automatically generated insights


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Watch our brief walk-through video to experience the HQ's tailored experiences that provide executives with real-time overview of business activities throughout an ecosystem consisting of teams around the world, internal systems, and external third-party services.

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Key Capabilities


Case management

Manage specific cases across multiple teams and systems and leave an auditable data trail of all decisions and activities


Centralized error handling

Provide relevant stakeholders with a unified view of all exceptions processes as they progress across multiple teams and offices


Automatic routing

Design workflows to intelligently identify and sort tasks to appropriate workflows to accelerate resolutions and, when appropriate, highlight needs for expert intermediation


Flexible rules engine

Empower firms to easily adjust rules to address evolving marketplace trends (e.g., new regulations, products, or protocols)


Custom dashboards

Display cases based on assignment region; provide executives with higher privileges to oversee and manage global processes


Trends & reporting

Visualize counterparty trends and apply ML-powered pattern recognition of trade and confirm exceptions leading to high STP rates


“Impressive and powerful. It’s an extremely scalable, thoughtful and sophisticated yet simple-to-use piece of technology.”

Sarah Shenton, Goldman Sachs

No-Code Insider: Digital Operations HQ

In this eBook, we provide a comprehensive exploration of how today’s enterprise leaders are using no-code to rapidly build and effectively maintain a robust digital operations function and deliver true business value for all stakeholders throughout their organization.

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Success Story

Using Unqork’s Operations HQ accelerators, a global capital markets firm digitized its E2E operations in just 6 months

A leading capital markets firm sought to digitize all of its exceptions processes and create a unified digital control center. In its previous set-up, organizing complex tasks across numerous disparate systems and global units was handled—inefficiently—via spreadsheets and email. As a result, there was no digital risk oversight across the siloed regions, and there was little-to-no visibility into task status and analytics.

By leveraging Unqork’s platform, the firm digitized and automated several processes within a matter of weeks and is continuing the process of building out its capabilities. Within 6 months of initiation, the company launched 6 projects across the entire trade lifecycle. They will now have the ability to release new applications each month and seamlessly integrate them with their existing digital capabilities. 



The increase in speed-to-market—Unqork empowered the firm to slash the delivery of the project from a projected 2-plus years to just 6 months


Reduction in manual process


Percentage of automated activities enabling full STP


Annualized cost savings for all impacted processes and teams

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