Digital Front Door

Establish the digital front door of your healthcare organization, integrate legacy systems and workflows to better engage patients in their care.

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"We are confident in Unqork's ability help us connect with those we serve."

Ken Gibbs, CEO

Unqork’s Digital Front Door seamlessly integrates with legacy systems and existing clinical and business workflows to surface relevant, patient specific information to create custom experiences that resonate.

The hub empowers patients to independently manage their care (including payments) with little-to-no intermediation from back-office staff and provides a channel to securely and remotely engage with physicians and nurses.


Increased patient satisfaction

Empowers patients by providing expanded access to on-demand services and information, driving stronger relationships and greater engagement in care delivery


Increased efficiencies

Lower costs by digitizing and streamlining manual processes and mitigating a reliance on administrative support resources


Enhanced transparency

Provide a clear and auditable data trail of all patient-provider interactions

Key Capabilities


Seamless integration with legacy systems

Exchange necessary clinical and administrative data for complete patient history and disposition decisions


Real-time notifications

Stay up-to-date with notifications delivered through omnichannel communications


Tailored experiences

The hub can provide personalized experiences for all stakeholders (doctors, patients, administrators) with relevant data permissions


Communication hub

Enable real-time, secure messaging between patients, doctors, and administrative staff


No-Code For Healthcare Providers

Learn how today’s most innovative organizations are using no-code to supercharge their digital transformation and inject operational efficiencies and flexibility throughout the healthcare value chain.

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