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The Unqork vision + platform release reveal

In his opening remarks, Unqork CEO & Founder Gary Hoberman explored how companies must move beyond traditional development (managing years—if not decades—of code) and transform into a legacy-free enterprise that moves fast and turns every great business idea into future-proof software. 

After, Unqork CTO Bassam Chaptini and SVP of Product Phil Gurbacki unveiled and demonstrated the groundbreaking features in Unqork version 2021.10.

Fireside Chats

In-depth conversations with no-code industry pioneers

Unqork Create 2021  illuminated the future of no-code in the enterprise through one-on-one conversations between Unqork executives and industry pioneers including:

  • Amy Friedrich, President of US Insurance Solutions at Principal Financial Group
  • Gary Bigley, Managing Director, Global Head - Process Automation Center of Excellence at BlackRock
  • Susan Rousseau, Global Head of Digital Strategy and Emerging Business at State Street
  • Michael Healy, CIO at Equitable
  • Ken Gibbs, CEO at Maimonides Medical Center
  • Louis Piliego, COO at Marsh
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DAY ONE - October 12, 2021

10AM-10:30AM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Opening Keynote

Gary Hoberman, CEO & Founder - Unqork

The biggest limits on your organization’s future are all the things you’ve built in the past. In his opening remarks, Unqork CEO & Founder Gary Hoberman will explore how companies must move beyond traditional development (managing years—if not decades—of code) and transform into a legacy-free enterprise that moves fast and turns every great business idea into future-proof software. Gary will be joined by industry pioneers who are successfully using Unqork’s enterprise no-code application platform to eliminate legacy so they can build faster, eliminate bugs, and lower costs overall.

10:30AM-11AM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Unqork-Powered Enterprise

Bassam Chaptini, CTO - Unqork • Phil Gurbacki, SVP of Product - Unqork

Join Bassam Chaptini, Unqork's CTO, and Phil Gurbacki, Unqork's SVP of Product, reveal how the Unqork Platform powers the Unqork-Powered Enterprise. We'll also be unveiling our biggest platform release yet, 2021.10. This is a keynote that you don't want to miss!

11AM-11:30AM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Elevating the Client Experience in Life Insurance: A Fireside Chat with Amy Friedrich from Principal

Amy Friedrich, President of US Insurance Solutions - Principal • Gary Hoberman, CEO & Founder - Unqork

Amy Friedrich is a visionary industry leader that has led successful transformations in key lines of business for Principal like Retirement and Life Insurance, helping the company adapt to constantly changing environments in order to better serve customers and stay ahead of the competition.

In this fireside chat, Amy and Gary will discuss the journey of their partnership and how it was born on the shared value that you cannot successfully innovate just for the sake of “innovation,” technology needs to solve problems and drive value. Discover insights into how Principal fuels innovation by identifying the right strategic technology investments to proactively digitize at scale and enhance the consumer experience.

1PM-1:30PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Adopting Unqork into your Tech Stack

Aneesh Devi, VP of Digital Solutions - Chenoa

Join Aneesh Devi, Chenoa's VP of Digital Solutions, share their thoughts on successfully incorporating Unqork into your technical architecture, factoring in company size, IT maturity and future roadmap.

1PM-1:30PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Unqork’s Key Role in Remediating EUCs

Brett Krasner, Principal Digital Engineering Consultant - Capco • Elton Fernandes, Senior Manager, Lender & Servicer Technology and EUC Cloud Migration - Fannie Mae • Satya Addagarla, Vice President, Lender & Servicer Technology and Enterprise Cloud Migration - Fannie Mae

As the amount of EUCs (end-user computing applications) in organizations continues to grow outside of their IT’s purview, regulatory scrutiny and operational risk will also continue to balloon. Through utilizing the Unqork platform to develop EUCs, business and technology teams can develop secure applications on the cloud, lower development time, and re-engineer manual processes.

1:30PM-2:30PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
How to Deliver Business Outcomes Effectively with Unqork

Lars Tandrup, Partner/Principal • EY Technology Consulting

Lars will share lessons learned from a delivery perspective. He will provide strategic insight on how we leverage Unqork to solve technical and business problems, including challenges within the current global environment for EY clients.

1:30PM-2:30PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Accelerating the Adoption of Low/No-Code Technology in Financial Services

Harvinder Bhatia, Principal, Financial Services Low-Code Lead - KPMG • Raj Konduru, Principal, Architecture and Low-Code Lead - KPMG • Paul Deitch, Principal, U.S. Private Assets Solutions Lead - KPMG

Join KPMG team to hear their views on the how the recent pandemic has accelerated the adoption of low/no-code technologies within Financial Services and efforts made by the Industry to adopt and scale usage of these platforms to deliver operational excellence, deliver superior client experience, and accelerate product launch.

  • Share insights on the key industry drivers accelerating the need for low/no-code platforms
  • Industry’s response to these drivers and the push to offer innovative digital products to clients
  • KPMG’s role in enabling our clients be successful in their low/no-code adoption journey
  • Scaling low/no-code adoption, building citizen developers & global automation COEs

1:30PM-2PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Navigate Digital Disruption and Foster Innovation with Infosys and Unqork

Reetwick Ghosh, Senior Director, Digital Strategy and Automation Sales, North America - Infosys

COVID has been a great enforcer of digital adoption and behavior. Organizations need to invent every day to stay ahead of the competition and engage with customers using scalable digital channels and process backbone. Infosys has extensive experience in helping customers shape their digital goals by combining Fluid Digital Process Automation Framework with the power of Unqork to help customers navigate digital disruption and foster innovation.

2PM-2:30PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Fueling a Product Development Strategy with Unqork to Achieve High Quality, Quick-To-Market Software

Tyler Danielson, CTO - FOXO Technologies Taylor Fay, Director of Product Management - FOXO Technologies 

Discover how to lead new and legacy product development using Unqork as a platform and how to integrate the platform into your firm’s broader technology ecosystem. In this session, leaders from FOXO Technologies will walk listeners through how they handle Product Development Strategy with Unqork (the right way) and what their outcomes are as a result, including:

  • Management: How to hire and train talent that is a good fit for Unqork
  • Processes: You actually have to start with an MVP if you want to be truly agile
  • Systems: Using atomic design thinking with microservice architectures to leverage Unqork for best in class solutions
  • Dollars and cents: The cost of growth and dealing with budgets

2:30PM-3PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
How No-Code Supercharged the Creation of a BlackRock Process Automation CoE in Just a Year

Gary Bigley, Managing Director, Global Head - Process Automation Center of Excellence - BlackRock • Sumit Malhotra, Global Head of Professional Services - Unqork

Gary Bigley, Global Head of Process Automation COE, is a catalyst driving digital transformation at BlackRock leveraging no-code to deliver impactful results to the business in record time. In this fireside chat, Gary and Sumit will take participants through the year long+ journey BlackRock underwent building its Process Automation Center of Excellence (CoE), leveraging no-code to rapidly digitize multiple processes. Discover how strategically training employees on Unqork allowed BlackRock to leverage the platform's DIY capabilities to solve complex, organizational problems at unheard-of speeds.

2:30PM-3PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
How Unqork Empowers Agencies to Deliver Public Services Effectively

Danielle Tolan, Trustee - Westfield Washington Township • Theresa Ward, Client Partner Public Enterprise - Unqork • Clint Buytenhuys, VP Public Enterprise - Unqork

Join the Unqork Public Sector team for a session focused on the variety of use cases that are being heavily adopted in government agencies across the country. In this session, you'll hear about solutions (built on the Unqork Platform) such as Virtual Government Services (Business Licensing, Permitting, etc.), Rent Relief, Mortgage Relief, and other government use cases that are enabling agencies to digitally transform their processes and workflows. Government demands are constantly evolving so it's important to be able to adapt and produce fast business outcomes.

Solutions being built on the Unqork platform enable fast configuration to meet unique needs. Rapidly build a custom application or jump start your development with modules and pre-built applications within the Unqork Marketplace to get started! This will help agencies quickly extend solutions and improve use cases such as Case Management and Social Services. This end-to-end solution engages all necessary stakeholders and constituents efficiently, and our customer growth and capability growth is a direct reflection of that. We'll discuss this in more detail and how no-code is paving the future for local and state governments' digital journey.

3PM-3:30PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
How SignNow's No-code eSignature Solution can Boost Productivity in a Hybrid Work Environment

Scott Owen, VP Business Development & Channels - signNow

How are you enabling your teams in this work from anywhere, hybrid work environment? Join Scott Owen as he talks about how eSignature went from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” solution. As more and more people have a choice of where and how they work, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools to keep your teams connected and moving forward. This session will focus on customer success stories and will be a highly interactive session, so be sure to come with your questions. No matter what line of business you’re in, eSignature can help you be more productive and efficient.

3PM-3:30PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Building a Hyperautomation Center of Excellence

Evan Rosen, Senior Architect - Persistent

Join us in this session as Persistent talks about building a Hyperautomation CoE with Unqork as the backbone. We will walk you through all aspects of a setting up a Center of Excellence, from identifying ROI rich opportunities to establishing the best practice with Unqork.

Learn how to establish an innovation engine mapped to business outcomes, bring end to end transparency across business and tech stake holders, and how to leverage citizen development tools to accelerate business outcomes. We’ll also share one of our recent journeys at a healthcare provider, starting from one project and growing to a full-fledged COE.

3PM-3:30PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Accelerating Digital Innovation in Life and Annuities New Business

Alexandra Florescu, Consultant - Deloitte • Dmitry Satanovsky, Senior Manager - Deloitte • Justin Freres, Manager - Deloitte • Kanisha Agarwal, Senior Manager - Deloitte • Mradul Kapoor, Manager - Deloitte • Zach Stevens, Senior Consultant - Deloitte

Life, health and annuity carriers have long sought a platform to differentiate the new business experience and make the application process easier for agents and the insured. Unqork’s power deployed as an eApp provides carriers with accelerated speed-to-market, a modern system of engagement, robust workflows, business rules, and integrations to technology enablers for features like eSign, analytics, AI/ML. Join us in this session to learn how we have leverage Unqork and helped our clients make an impact on their new business functionality.

3:30PM-4PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Unifying Business and Technology to Transform Placement and Policy Servicing

Andreas Wetterwald, Global Marsh Deputy Chief Information Officer/ CIO - Marsh Americas • Kathleen Kreuzer, Managing Director, Chief Business Officer for Global Operations - Marsh Americas • CK Kothari, Head of Life Insurance - Unqork

Join Andreas Wetterwald and Kathleen Kreuzer from Marsh Americas to learn how they're using Unqork to build a platform that will create a digital workspace where Marsh’s brokers—and the insurers they work with—can quickly and accurately perform key placement & policy services (structured submissions, quote comparisons, midterm policy endorsements) on a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

3:30PM-4PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Deliver Seamless Digital Experiences with DocuSign and Unqork

Devon Roberts, Lead Solution Engineer - DocuSign

Learn how DocuSign can easily integrate with Unqork to provide an intuitive signing experience across any device with enhanced SMS delivery and eliminate manual tasks with configurable and automated workflows, including multiple signers. Mitigate risk with enterprise-grade security and compliance controls.

3:30PM-4PM ET, Tuesday Oct 12
Trust Is the New Currency: Creating Exceptional Healthcare Experiences with No-Code

Nikhil Nandakumar, Client Director Healthcare - Unqork • KC Alhberg, Client Director Healthcare - Unqork

Join Unqork's Healthcare team in a discussion about the challenges facing healthcare organizations in keeping up with high consumer expectations when it comes to their digital engagements. High-quality experiences can be a powerful competitive differentiator in an increasingly competitive marketplace, but many who attempt end up with multiple, siloed end results. We'll discuss ideas and trends in the industry to solve for building a more unified engagement approach.

DAY TWO - October 13, 2021

10AM-10:30AM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
Unqork Quarterly Product Roadmap

Ishan Sengupta, Product Director - Unqork

Join us for a deep dive into our platform vision and upcoming features and updates. Our Product Director, Ishan Sengupta, will highlight the top new features from last quarter and the most impactful features on the roadmap.

10:30AM-11AM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
How No-Code Empowers Broadridge to Rapidly Develop Innovative Wealth Management Products

Joseph Lo, VP of Wealth Product Innovation - Broadridge Paul Larkin, Associate Partner Private Assets Lead - Unqork

Using Unqork’s capabilities for rapid prototyping and accelerated product delivery, Broadridge’s innovation team is able to gather internal and client feedback quickly to spur iterative development and expedite time to market for new client facing applications.

Recently, Broadridge recognized that there is a significant gap in the market for technology solutions required by their wealth management clients who are aggressively expanding their investment platforms to offer a broad and comprehensive menu of alternative investments. To fulfill this market demand, Broadridge has rapidly created “Private Market Hub for Wealth”, an alternative investments workflow and operations system on Unqork that will be utilized by many of their end user Wealth Management clients. During this session, Joseph and Paul will take participants on their journey from ideation to the recent MVP launch.

11AM-11:30AM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
Overcoming Public Sector Challenges With Unqork

Angela Abernathy, Regional Sales Director SLED - Unqork • Dave Morales, Client Partner Public Sector - Unqork • Mike Grucella, Lead Sales Engineer - Unqork

In this session the Unqork Public Sector team will discuss the variety of challenges that are facing local and state government today. These challenges range from limited resources, evolving change, handling workloads quickly, and outdated manual processes and workflows, among others. Unqork is solving those challenges with no-code solutions. These solutions eliminate the manual process and get agencies to business outcomes fast. Government agencies are quickly adopting these solutions to solve these challenges and many more. We'll discuss how our solutions are built to help digitize government for the future.

11AM-11:30AM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
Transforming a Global Insurer with No-Code

Shekar Pannala, Global CIO, Co-Leader Technology - Chubb • Max Gelfer, North America CIO - Chubb • Farooq Sheikh, Insurance Go-To-Market Lead - Unqork

Visionary leaders Shekar Pannala, Global CIO, Co-Leader Technology and Max Gelfer, North America CIO, have led the charge for innovating multiple lines of business across Chubb globally.

In this fireside chat, Farooq Sheikh, Insurance Go-To-Market Lead at Unqork, will take a deep dive into how Chubb’s embarking on the digitization journey and where it is heading in the coming years. Discover how Chubb plans to leverage no-code to rapidly modernize their global insurance technology stack.

11:30AM-12PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
The World's First No-Code Marketplace, Built for the Enterprise

Warren Chen, VP Marketplace - Unqork

Unqork's VP of Marketplace Warren Chen will introduce the Unqork Marketplace, a unified one-stop-shop that's helping organizations discover and implement enterprise functionality built by a growing roster of technology partners, system integrators, and fellow Creators.

1PM-1:30PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
Building Solutions at the Speed of Fintech

David Majetic, Enterprise Sales Engineer - Plaid • Nina Whelan, Partnerships - Plaid

Join Plaid for a discussion on how Plaid and Unqork together enable financial services companies to build solutions at the speed of fintech.

They’ll discuss how the partnership supports building apps such as secure customer onboarding, wealth management, and lending use cases utilizing Plaid’s Verification of Income product.

1PM-1:30PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
A Modern Technology Kit for Insurers: Transforming Client Experiences in a New Era

Rajamuthiah Nellaiappan, Insurance Alliance and Partnership Leader - Cognizant • Chandan Gokhale, Senior Director, ISG North America • Christian Barrera, VP Alliances & Ecosystem - Unqork

Carriers are making significant investments in technologies for their agents. Current investments like better lead management are focused on helping agents when not with customers. The COVID pandemic has pushed the industry to look for solutions for remote handling of customer facing tasks. Cognizant has worked with enterprise partners AWS and Unqork to develop a Life-e-Application Starter Kit to address this gap. The kit and associated reference implementation include contextual advice during customer conversations, pre-filling of form fields to avoid repetitive questions, and flexibility to leverage APIs from an ecosystem of vendors to speed up the overall process for the customer.

RajaMuthiah Nellaiappan, Cognizant Insurance Alliance and Partnership Leader and Christian Barrera VP, Unqork Alliance Ecosytem Leader will cover partnership synergies with AWS and Unqork and the power of partnerships in accelerating value realization.  Chandan Gokhale, Senior Director, ISG North America at Cognizant will provide more details on this exciting modern technology kit for Insurance companies to leverage in their digital transformation. 

1:30PM-2PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
Ask Me Anything With Unqork's Leadership Team

Alex Schmelkin, Chief Marketing Officer - Unqork • Jane Tran, Chief Administrative Officer - Unqork • Sharon Rodriguez, Chief Customer Officer - Unqork

Join Unqork's leadership for an Ask Me Anything session for live discussion on the no-code revolution.

2PM-2:30PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
The Era of Tech Enablement and True End-To-End Service Solutions

Frank H. Ewing, Esq., CAMS Chief Executive Officer -  AML RightSource • John J. Byrne, Esq., CAMS Executive Vice President, Chairman - AML RightSource Advisory Board • David Buxton, Chief Product Officer - AML RightSource

In today’s session, you will hear from industry leaders from AML RightSource and Arachnys as they discuss the increased level of capability afforded to both legacy Arachnys and AML RightSource clients, propelling the traditional service model into the era of Tech Enablement and true End-To-End Service Solutions; purpose drivers to Fighting Financial Crime for our Clients, and the World.

2PM-2:30PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
The Transformational Power of No-Code on AWS

Ralph Severini, Global Business Development, Insurance - AWS • Terry Buechner, Global Partnerships, FSI - AWS

Hear about the massive opportunity no-code represents across industries, especially insurance and financial services, from industry experts Ralph Severini and Terry Buechner. In conversational format, this talk will cover key industry trends and challenges; especially in the age of COVID and disruptive change. Learn about key use cases and the unique opportunity to leverage no-code and AWS advanced capabilities to address customer satisfaction and experience, product development and distribution, and other imperatives across the digital enterprise.

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Vaibhav Srivastava, SVP - Persistent Systems • Olya Ossipova, Director Public Enterprise, Healthcare & Life Sciences - Unqork

Join Unqork's Healthcare & Life Sciences team for a discussion on the digital transformation agenda in healthcare and why it is becoming increasingly important and urgent. We’ll cover how top organizations are capitalizing on regulatory and technological tailwinds to innovate more rapidly and better meet the rising expectations of patients and providers.

2:30PM-2:45PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
Building Digital Resilience in Financial Services

Susan Rousseau, Global Head of Digital Strategy and Emerging Business - State Street • Sumit Malhotra, Global Head of Professional Services - Unqork

As the Global Head of Digital Strategy and Emerging Business, Susan Rousseau has fueled innovation at State Street Global Markets in key areas including digitizing global operations and client onboarding globally.

In this fireside chat, Susan and Sumit will walk participants through State Street’s approach to digital transformation and how no-code allows them to pursue their vision at scale. Uncover key insights into how State Street successfully digitized client onboarding and servicing globally as well as addressed challenges around exception handling, workflow management, and operations oversight to optimize global operations.

3PM-3:30PM ET, Wednesday Oct 12
Transforming Life New Business Fulfillment Process with Equitable CIO Michael Healy

Michael Healy, Chief Information Officer - Equitable • Gary Hoberman, CEO & Founder - Unqork

In this fireside chat, Equitable CIO Michael Healy and Gary Hoberman will walk participants through Equitable’s journey in transforming their Life account opening and servicing capabilities using no-code. Uncover key insights into how they successfully transformed their advisor and client experience, enhanced their account opening & operational processes and iteratively built the application while realizing benefits along the way using Unqork.

3PM-3:30PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
How Unqork Enables Federal Agencies to Modernize Federal Government Cybersecurity

Noah Hildebrandt, Managing Principal of Products - VRTL Space John O'Grady, Director Federal - Unqork • Casey Johnson, VP Federal - Unqork

Join the Unqork Federal team for a session focused on how Unqork has partnered with VRTL Space to enable Federal CISOs to make informed risk based decisions throughout the lifecycle of assessment, authorization, continuous monitoring, and compliance. VRTL Space's Ohtalho solution, powered by Unqork allows agencies to target areas of need and maximize risk mitigation across Federal systems by automating and augmenting the implementation and delivery of RMF activities. Register today to learn more about how Federal agencies are able to modernize Federal Government Cybersecurity.

3:30PM-4PM, Wednesday Oct 13
Do You Have the Right Tech Stack to Scale at Speed?

Yasamin Katimi, Head of Product - Codat

While much of technology is about always striving for innovation and something new, we often feel that the tools we use ought to iterate at the pace that society wishes to apply those tools. Many people have reflected in various areas of coding practice that the pace of change is so fast we need to run to keep up, or our skills will be lost to history. We will deep into the internal debate Build vs. Buy, share best practices and the ultimate tech stack for scaling at speed!

3:30PM-4PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
Accelerate Digital Transformation through Data Domains

Boris Bialek, Global Head of Enterprise Modernization - Mongo DB

Digital transformation is superseding the legacy modernization of last years. Digital transformation implies a new thinking of data in domain fashion as well as low-code no-code rapid innovation. The combination of MongoDB and Unqork is a proven enterprise solution which will be discussed in this session with practical examples.

3:30PM-4PM ET, Wednesday Oct 13
Driving Transformation in Commercial Insurance

Jeff Mason, CEO - Groundspeed Analytics

Join Jeff Mason, CEO of Groundspeed Analytics, to learn about how Groundspeed and Unqork have partnered to deliver an integrated solution to transform commercial lines submission emails and documents to structured and enhanced data. This session will demonstrate Groundspeed and Unqork’s joint capabilities and discuss ROI for our customers.

DAY THREE - October 14, 2021

10:30AM-11AM ET, Thursday Oct 14
How Unqork's No-Code Platform is Closing the Gender Gap

Elsie Russell, Director Product Management - Greyscale Investments • Netta Jenkins, VP of Global Inclusion - Unqork Dara Raskin, Sr. Director Applications Development - Unqork • Josie Beaudoin, Associate Solutions Engineer - Unqork • Tasliym Twinamaani, Associate Product Developer - Unqork

Join us for this insightful panel discussion featuring women in technology as they discuss their experience in traditional coding vs the new opportunities they see in no-code. We will explore how no-code provides equitable opportunities for all and how no-code represents a new paradigm in software development.

11AM-11:30AM ET, Thursday Oct 14
Trends Modernizing Financial Services

Chris DeBrusk, Partner - Oliver Wyman • Ben Smith, Head of Banking - Unqork

As part of a preview to an upcoming Financial Services Survey Report, Chris DeBrusk of Oliver Wyman and Ben Smith of Unqork will take a deep dive into the trends transforming the financial services industry. From no code to successful digital transformation strategies and everything in between, discover key tactics some of the world’s largest financial institutions are leveraging to stay ahead of the competition. All attendees will be invited to participate in the forthcoming financial services survey.

11:30AM-12PM ET, Thursday Oct 14
How Business-Building and Innovative Technology is Shaping The Future of Insurance

Ari Libarikian, Senior Partner & Global Leader of Leap by McKinsey - McKinsey & Company  • Bassam Chaptini, CTO - Unqork

Ari Libarikian is the global leader of Leap by McKinsey which helps some of the world’s leading companies build and scale new and innovative businesses to create significant value at the intersection of business, design, and technology.

In this fireside chat, Ari and Bassam take an inside look into how leading enterprises are leveraging business building to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. They’ll touch upon the trends influencing innovation across the insurance value chain including digital disruption, and innovating on top of legacy infrastructure.

11:30AM-12PM ET, Thursday Oct 14
Building a More Accessible Digital World With No-Code

Christopher Guzmán, Unqork Access ERSG President - Unqork

How do we make Unqork accessible to as many Creators as possible? Christopher Guzmán, President of our Unqork Access ERSG (Employee Resource Strategy Group) for people with disabilities, shares how his team is working both inside and out of the platform to ensure Unqork is accessible to everyone!

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