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Associate Configurator

As a Certified Associate Configurator, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to build mid-level applications in Unqork. You’ll be able to take a business need and turn it into an application. You will be able to collect, display, edit, and delete data submitted by an end-user.

As an Associate Configurator, you can:

  • Build entry-level applications on your own.
  • Build mid-level applications with minimal help.
  • Capture data using appropriate components and best practices.
  • Use the Plug-In component to call an external application programming interface (API). Then, use the returned data.
  • Build a simple and user-friendly dashboard with the ability to open a submission.
  • Turn a business product into a workflow application. Use basic nodes, customize navigation, and manage state.
  • Use Data Workflow to manipulate all simple data structures. Create arrays, tables, and objects.
  • Implement basic role-based access control (RBAC) and security.
  • Add modules to a complex project based on specific guidelines. Associate configurators might not understand how their module fits into the application architecture. But, they can build modules when given certain parameters.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Project Managers, Engagement Managers & Scrum Masters, Engineers, QA Analysts, QA Engineers, UX Designers, Sales Engineering, Sales Directors, & other roles

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Add Creator Module


  • No technical background or experience is necessary, though intermediate computer literacy is required.
  • Configurators should have strong problem-solving skills, independent learning skills, and attention to detail.

Learning focus

  • Basic configuration best practices
  • Troubleshooting, especially other configurators’ work
  • Software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Communication - progress updates, when to ask questions
  • Lay foundations to understand scalable application architecture


You’ll complete an assessment that demonstrates your skills in:

  • Unqork components
  • Workflows
  • Basic data structures and manipulation
  • Integrations
  • Logic
  • Automation
  • Roles

Professional Configurator

As a Certified Professional Configurator, you’ll get practice working as part of a team. And, you’ll learn how to add significant features to large-scale enterprise applications in Unqork.

As a Professional Configurator, you can:

  • Design and build pieces of large-scale enterprise applications.
  • Identify and fix application errors without help.
  • Design and build module sequences.
  • Use intermediate and advanced workflow nodes.
  • Make internal API calls for services and use different methods of authentication.
  • Build advanced dashboards that encompass workflow submissions and exporting data.
  • Implement complex RBAC where various screens and actions are controlled by role.
  • Start using security best practices.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Business Analysts, Application Developers, Product Specialists, Production Configuration Support


Metrics Product Screen


  • Must complete the Associate certification.
  • Recommended that the configurator completes multiple projects for real business cases using Unqork. Or, has experience building applications in another development tool or language.

Learning focus

  • Designing application architecture
  • Providing feedback and guidance to other team members
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Improving security and efficiency


You’ll complete an assessment that demonstrates your skills in:

  • Complex workflows
  • Important Data Workflow patterns and branching logic
  • Complex dashboards
  • Complex API integrations
  • Advanced RBAC
  • Efficiency and security best practices

Expert Configurator

As a Certified Expert Configurator, you’ll have the skills to design and build large-scale enterprise apps in Unqork. You’ll be able to increase the security, functionality, and efficiency of your applications. And, you’ll learn to lead a team of configurators to deliver a product.

As an Expert Configurator, you can:

  • Design and implement the application architecture of large-scale enterprise products built in Unqork.
  • Figure out the best way to build applications using the Unqork Designer Platform.
  • Scope engineering requirements with clients. Find solutions for complex client requests and integrations. Then, implement those integrations.
  • Drive security and maintain and enforce configuration best practices.
  • Audit configurations built by others.
  • Review and assess configurations to ensure applications perform as intended.
  • Troubleshoot and handle API errors and use server-side module execution.
  • Innovate with the platform by creating new patterns and use cases.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Solutions Architects, Solutions Engineers


RBAC with Flow


  • Must complete the Professional certification.
  • Must complete projects for business cases in Unqork or other development software or language.

Learning focus

  • Delivering products in scope and on time
  • Communicating across teams
  • Mentoring other configurators
  • Developing new best practices and processes


You’ll complete an assessment that demonstrates your skills in:

  • Workflows with multiple user swimlanes
  • Elegant handling of multifunctional Data Workflows and complex data structures
  • Multiple API integrations
  • Data modeling
  • Advanced efficiency & security best practices

Roles recommended for certification

The below roles constitute a standard POD structure for Unqork builds.
We recommend any of these roles for our certification programs.

Associate copy-1

Project Managers, Engagement Managers & Scrum Masters

  • Manages the day-to-day execution of the project

  • Understands the needs and goals of the customer

  • Maintains a holistic view of the entire engagement

  • Makes sure checkpoints and goals are met

RECOMMENDED: Associate Configurator

Expert copy-1

Business Analysts, Application Developers, Product Specialists, Production Configuration Support

  • Develops on Unqork on a daily basis
  • Helps onboard new clients

RECOMMENDED: Professional Configurator

Master copy-1

Solutions Architects, Solutions Engineers

  • Engineers the overall solution
  • Understands the application build on a deeply technical level
  • Provides architectural guidance to the customer
  • Makes sure security requirements are met

RECOMMENDED: Expert Configurator

Associate copy-1


  • Designs and develops new features and platform updates for Unqork

RECOMMENDED: Associate Configurator

Associate copy-1

QA Analysts, QA Engineers

  • Assesses application quality through manual and automated testing

RECOMMENDED: Associate Configurator

Associate copy-1

UX Designers, Sales Engineering, Sales Directors, & other roles

  • Helps with front-end design
  • Helps with sales resources
  • Discovers how Unqork can best fit the client’s total applications suite

RECOMMENDED: Associate Configurator

Coworkers Learning - with Qorks


To ensure integrity of the candidates and our tests, Unqork offers (timed) proctoring to all of our exams.

Yearly recertification after a candidate is already certified is free, but requires continuing education units (CEUs) to remain active.

If a badge holder lets their certification expire without taking CEUs to keep their certification up to date, they will need to retake the exam*.

Additional information:

  • Exams are 4 hours long. If a candidate is unable to complete the exam in the timeframe they will fail.
  • Cost is $250 for the first attempt, $130 for each additional attempt per candidate.
  • Both Professional and Associate exams will be available on 2/1 moving forward. The Expert exam will follow shortly thereafter.
  • Access to exams and how to sign up for them can be found on Unqork’s Academy webpage.

* We will discontinue the ability to take the self-service exam on 1/24/22. All previous started exams must be completed by 1/31/22 or they will be deleted. The new proctored version will be released 2/1/22.

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