Client Onboarding

Deliver a robust onboarding process with risk- and compliance-enabled capabilities for new capital market customers.

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Unqork’s Client Onboarding Solution fully digitizes and streamlines client information-gathering workflows and efficiently organizes data into a unified system. Tasks can be intelligently routed to appropriate owners for review & approval and key KYC and regulatory processes can be executed in a fully digital (and therefore efficient and auditable) manner.


Improved client experience

Deliver a better, faster digital experience for your clients with self-service functionality including automated document intake


Standardized processes

Establish a standard and scalable process for internal and external stakeholders


Accelerated onboarding times

Speed-up your onboarding processes by integrating with internal and external systems to minimize manual data entry


“Impressive and powerful. It’s an extremely scalable, thoughtful and sophisticated yet simple-to-use piece of technology.”

Sarah Shenton, Goldman Sachs

Additional Capabilities 


Seamless Integrations

Easily link internal and external systems to capture prospect legal and financial information with minimal manual data entry


Parallel Workflows

Concurrent workflow orchestration to reduce overall onboarding time


Rule-Based Processes

Automate rule-based process to route to the appropriate approval framework


Centralized Document Management

Eliminate paper-based processes through customer document uploads, auto-generated PDFs, and electronic signatures functionality


Real-Time Notifications

Events can automatically trigger notifications within the application or delivered via email or SMS


Centralized Visual-Based Tracking

Monitor and manage task status through user-defined grids and charts with filtering capabilities

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Customer Story

A global investment bank transformed its onboarding process in just 18 weeks using only 4 FTEs

A Global Investment Bank sought to upgrade its existing onboarding process to address evolving business challenges and meet rising customer expectations for service. It’s existing solution was highly manual, difficult to manage, and lacked centralized controls.

Using Unqork, the firm developed a digital solution with tailored interfaces for all key stakeholders (e.g., administrative, operations, compliance, etc). The solution seamlessly integrated with internal and external systems to automatically ingest and verify data related to entity, KYC, and suitability workflows. The solution included a modern client facing portal that empowered clients to independently upload information and documents with little-to-no intermediation.

  • Delivered MVP in 18 weeks with only 4 FTEs

  • Improved client user experience

  • Accelerated time-to-revenue

  • Reduced back-and-forths with clients

  • Elimination of paper-based processes

  • Reduced operational overhead via improved back-end efficiencies

  • Reduced risk with centralized, automated controls

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