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Middle Eastern

To include, support, and celebrate Middle Eastern employees, allies, and clients for their contributions to Unqork

What does being part of your ERSG mean to you?

Walid El Kara

Walid El Kara

ERSGs allow us to get closer to one another by sharing and celebrating our personal backgrounds and interests

Tala Fakhoury

To create a sense of community for Middle Easterns and a safe space for all members to come together and learn about a new culture.

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Nadia Abossein-1

Nadia Abossein

It’s an amazing opportunity to educate and celebrate our rich and beautiful culture with the wider Unqork community

Odile Aslan

Our ERSG is an amazing and unique opportunity to unlock the richness and variety of the Middle Eastern traditions and cultures with our colleagues at Unqork.

Odile Aslan