Expedite Business Licensing & Permitting

A seamless and intuitive experience for applicants and regulators that reduces time to issuance.

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Unqork’s permitting and licensing tools enable local governments to effectively
support business growth. Using these tools, local governments provide applicants with an accessible, easy-to-use process while offering regulators predictable workflows with smart tools to maximize their efforts and resources.

Additional Capabilities


Applicant questionnaire

Quickly determine all city, state and other licensing requirements through a series of relevant questions.


System integrations

Automatically aggregate and pre-populate required documents with data from applicant questionnaire, existing licenses or other public sources.


Role-based controls

Facilitate rapid and multi-level agency reviews.


Virtual meeting & scheduling

Offer meeting calendaring and remote access for applicants and reviewers as required.


Data & security protocols

Ensure authorized access to information and protect sensitive data.


Performance dashboard & automated emails

Alert applicants and reviewers of status updates, missing items and deadlines to enable effective oversight.

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