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Today’s customers want self-service options and they want them now! Here’s how no-code can help you fulfill this growing customer service demand! 

Customer service has always been a key differentiator between businesses, but the way customers want to interact with companies has changed drastically. In the past, customers would only use a self-service option as a preliminary step to speaking with a company representative, or as a last resort. Now, the exact opposite is true—67% of customers today would rather use a self-service portal than speak to someone in person.

If a company has an online knowledge base that customers can use to resolve their own issues, that’s even better! A whopping 91% of customers would happily use it and, according to a recent McKinsey study, customers who can resolve issues on their own via self-service portals have 19% higher customer satisfaction rates than those who can’t. 

For enterprises, the advantages of digital self-service portals go far beyond increased customer satisfaction and retention. Other benefits include lower costs per transaction, digitized audit trails, providing more accessible services, and future-proofing your company by meeting the digital expectations of younger generations. Highly regulated industries like finance, insurance, and healthcare often lag behind when it comes to providing digital self-service options. No-code can help!

How no-code powers digital self-service

With an enterprise-grade no-code platform like Unqork, creating the self-service portals that customers crave is faster and easier than ever! Thanks to features like:

Accelerated development

On Unqork, Creators can use pre-built components to rapidly configure application interfaces and develop business logic. Our completely visual platform allows you to see what you’re building as you’re building it, and our platform is centralized for streamlined management. Plus, it’s easy to share and collaborate on Unqork for more accelerated feedback and faster time to market.

Easy integrations

Integrations and data migrations happen at lightning-fast speeds once you eliminate code. The powerful APIs on the Unqork platform seamlessly execute data transformation, reporting, and frictionless data construction. You can even integrate with third-party services on Unqork and extend the limits of your existing enterprise system. Also, we ensure security and compliance across your systems at every stage.

"For enterprises, the advantages of digital self-service portals go far beyond increased customer satisfaction and retention."

Fewer bugs

Whenever a new element is created on Unqork, the feature is tested, reworked, and perfected until it meets our standards. From then on, Creators can use this feature over and over again without the fear of forming new bugs! We also apply a state-of-the-art QA function, which combines human knowledge with automation, in order to maintain stability throughout Unqork-built applications even when components change over time. Due to these features, applications built on Unqork boast 600x fewer bugs than code-built applications! 

Enterprise-grade security

Security is at the core of Unqork, and we apply rigorous security and compliance measures to our platform. Along with a robust and continuous security training program for all employees, we monitor for vulnerabilities using daily static scans and weekly dynamic security tests as well as bi-annual penetration testing. All Unqork applications are patched to meet the highest security standards, and we ensure AES-256 encryption and TLS 1.2 HTTPS encryption for at-rest and in-transit data. Your application is also tested prior to going live.

4 self-service applications you can build today

Creating on the Unqork platform can help you build the best self-service application possible, no matter what kind of organization you are. Our solutions span across various industries, providing many different paths towards giving customers the right self-service capabilities for their needs. Here are some examples of what you can build:

Insurance: P&C Client Onboarding

Unqork’s client onboarding solution makes it easy for companies to onboard clients using entirely paperless workflows. You can streamline customer information collection, facilitate friction-free handoffs, and remove the need for repetitive questionnaires and non-value generating administrative tasks. 

Not only are onboarding processes and workflows completely digital on Unqork, but they’re also totally unified for rapid onboarding operations. Unqork also helps you automatically verify data to avoid complicated, expensive manual back-and-forths and ensure integrity throughout the application process. This streamlines onboarding operations and improves the customer experience.

Finance: Institutional Onboarding and a Digital Customer Portal

Our Institutional Onboarding solutions help automate, organize, and streamline processes end-to-end. Through total digitization, tasks are intelligently routed to the appropriate actors, making integrations seamless (to internal and external systems) and greatly reducing overall onboarding time. Unqork even supports automatic real-time notifications, either via SMS or email, to alert you of critical events as soon as they occur. This, along with visual-based tracking, helps you monitor and manage task status much more easily.

Unqork’s Digital Customer Portal allows banks to deploy, manage, and maintain a digital front-end that empowers customers to complete tasks on their own. Through comprehensive dashboards for you and your clients, you can learn more about your customers from high-quality data. From there, you can create personalized service offerings based on customer experiences. This helps you boost customer engagement and client satisfaction!

Healthcare: Universal Front Door

Healthcare organizations can use Unqork to develop robust solutions that allow agencies to easily and securely access the information they need. Digital end-to-end referral solutions and universal intake processes enable clients, caregivers, and other healthcare administrators to remotely engage with relevant services and case managers. This means there are “no wrong doors” when it comes to getting healthcare providers the tools they need to save lives.

Hear Ken Gibbs, CEO of Maimonides Medical Center, talk about working with Unqork to develop a digital front door to provide a simple, secure interface for key patient interactions. 


Along with the Universal Front Door, you can build tailored internal hubs and living checklists using step-by-step workflows. This provides healthcare professionals with personalized assistance, making it quick and easy for them to access critical data when they need it. Also, Unqork offers flexibility when it comes to building your Universal Front Door—you can take a modular approach and bring in just the capabilities you want before committing.

Government: Business Licensing and Permitting

Unqork’s business permitting and licensing solution helps local governments support small business growth by making it easier for customers to access permitting processes online. With smart no-code tools like application questionnaires, virtual scheduling, and automated emails, government agencies can build predictable and well-structured workflows that connect customers to the government services they need. Unqork’s performance dashboards also alert critical government officials of status updates, missing items, and deadlines in order to streamline oversight and management.

On Unqork’s no-code platform, enterprise-grade self-service applications are right at your fingertips. Our powerful no-code capabilities enable enterprises across industries to safely, reliably, and rapidly build the self-service portals your customers want and need! Also, when you create on Unqork, anyone on your team (with a bit of training) can get involved in the development process. With help from Unqork, your organization can instantly meet market demands and give customers the features they desire.

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