Digital Customer Portal

Deploy a portal to unify all of your client information in one seamless experience.

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Unqork’s Customer Portal allows banks to rapidly deploy and effectively manage a digital front-end. The portal empowers consumers to view and manage loans, credit cards, deposit accounts, and—in the case of corporate clients—see all accounts at all legal entities.


Improved client experience

Deliver a superior digital experience to customers on every device


Increased conversions

Easily surface new products to your relevant clients in a familiar place


Increased customer engagement

Make it easier for your clients to review their finances securely 24/7


“Impressive and powerful. Extremely scalable, thoughtful and sophisticated yet simple-to-use piece of technology.”

Sarah Shenton, Goldman Sachs

Key Capabilities


Seamless integrations

Integrate with internal systems and external services (Plaid, TransUnion, etc) to provide clients with a full picture of their accounts


Personalized service & offerings

Customize experience based on triggers such as sales channel, region, client preferences, products, and regulations


Tailored in-system dashboards

Build comprehensive dashboards for your clients and employees to view their most important information at a glance


No-code flexibility

Unqork’s no-code platform makes changing applications based on evolving regulations or products a readily configurable visual interface


Support center

Help your clients access the right materials to answer their questions when they don’t want to reach out to an agent


Advanced services

Support seamless KYC, regulatory assessments, and other due diligence processes directly in your solution.

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Transforming customer engagements
through no-code

A large financial services institution lacks a unified portal for its customers which causes customers to have trouble finding their bank information, leading to increased support requirements and low customer satisfaction. The bank wants a flexible client portal that empowers consumer clients to access all of their account information, open new accounts, and review their transactions and credit information in one place.

Leveraging Unqork’s Digital Customer Portal, the bank can rapidly deploy a portal that integrates with all of its LOS, internal systems, as well as third-party data service providers like Plaid and TransUnion to provide the customer with a full picture of their accounts.

The bank’s customers can now review their financial health, update their information, move money between accounts, and much more without any human intermediation.

Speed to Market in 16 weeks on time and on budget from ideation to production with only 5 resources 

• Reduced operational risk with automated controls and audit trail

• Improved cost structure by digitizing the processing and approval of client activities

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