Customer Onboarding

Rapidly build and effectively manage a robust legal entity onboarding process, with risk and compliance capabilities, for large commercial to small business customers.

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Unqork’s Customer Onboarding Solution streamlines the digitization of workflows that feed into KYC and due diligence processes thanks to automated risk-scoring and always-up to-date compliance engines.


Improve client experiences

Create self-service workflows to minimize your clients’ time on administrative tasks and back-and-forth emails


Reduce onboarding costs

Minimize manual data entry via seamless integrations with external systems such as company registries or rating agencies


Mitigate risk

Capture the right corporate and financial information to support your fraud and risk mitigation efforts


“Impressive and powerful. It’s an extremely scalable, thoughtful and sophisticated yet simple-to-use piece of technology.”

Sarah Shenton, Goldman Sachs

Key Capabilities


Seamless Integrations

Easily link external systems to capture prospect legal and financial information to minimize data entry


Parallel Workflows

Route and track onboarding statuses throughout the process for both bank employees and prospects


Rule-Based Processes

Apply rule-based process at scale to route approval workflows to relevant stakeholders with machine efficiency


Document Management

Minimize paper-based processes and incorporate electronic signatures throughout the process


Real-Time Notifications

Streamline the onboarding process with notifications within the application, via email or texts, and updates to key dashboards


No-Code Flexibility

Easily manage workflows based on evolving regulations or new requirements via a configurable visual-based UI.


Learn how Unqork is making an impact with clients 

Check out the following infographic to see how leading organizations from across various industries are accelerating their digital transformation efforts using Unqork, the first enterprise no-code platform.

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A Large Financial Institution Developed a New Onboarding Solution in Just 8 Weeks

A large bank wanted to build a new housing loan product to grow its business and improve returns for its clients. Time-to-market and efficient delivery were their two biggest challenges, and it knew that launching a product with complex business logic and parallel workflows between applicants, sellers, loan underwriters, and real estate agents would be an immense undertaking.

Using Unqork, the institution was able to quickly deploy an entirely new small business lending function within weeks. They developed a digital omnichannel solution to automate borrower home loan application, underwriting, offer, and acceptance processes as well as multi-factor authentication processes and workflows for brokers, borrowers, and sellers.

  • Speed to market in 8 weeks from ideation to productization

  • Decreased cost of operations and ownership

  • Increased revenue potential and new market entry

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